My Lockdown Pearl arrived at last!


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Nov 5, 2010
I ordered this carved tahitian pearl from Kamoka, just after New Zealand went into Covid-19 lockdown in early April. After a couple of logs with USPS, the tracking stopped and I was really very worried as to whether it would ever be seen again. Celeste from Kamoka was amazing and helped to try and prod both USPS and NZ Post in the hope someone would dig it out of the back of a warehouse somewhere. Finally, a couple of weeks ago, the parcel tracking started up again and today, it arrived in the post - just in time for my birthday! With no lockdown in NZ now, I will be wearing it for my party tomorrow.

Thanks again to Celeste and Kamoka - I have always wanted to add a carved pearl to my stash and this one is large, so plenty of carving to look at. Adjustable silver chain means I can wear it long enough to glance down at too. :cool:
Very nice. Looks you know the mm size. Looks great on. Very pretty carvings.
Yes, it is large - 15mm by 19mm, so a good statement pearl and lots of lustre!
That’s a beautiful pendant. I have a gemstone stuck in indonesia since march, but the seller did mail me and said that it was held by their postal service. I just have to wait. I had forgotten what I bought, so I checked, it's a 33,95 carat chalcedony agate. For my unset gemstone collection. I was going to set them when this dastardly disease disabled the entire world. Now they have to wait until the recommendations change. Or I set them myself...and I don't know how to...
WOWZA!!!! It's gorgeous. Love it. You need to give it a name.
Wow!! That is large! What a fabulous statement pendant! I agree with BW that you should give this lovely a name!
I have round carved Tahitian earrings & pendant but no where near that large. Mine are 13-14mm. I would love to find a drop pearl carved.
Hooray, a happy ending to the story of the missing pearl mail, and and an awesome pearl!
How about Phileas Fogg, the man who went around the world in 80 days? Your pearl started in Tahiti, went to America, then to New Zealand, and it practically took 80 days. Or Pearleas Fogg?
Great name Bweaves. Can you name my tassels as well?

Oooo, that's tough. I'll have to think about them. Usually, a name just suddenly jumps out at me, so I'll have to quickly glance at them and see if a name jumps at me.