My small pearl rainbow

And just for fun, a comparison between one of my mikimoto akoya studs (which is most definitely white) and some of the purple pearls :D F9A87875-1D29-479F-924A-82362E36E836.jpg
Those are pretty pearls, but not really purple. I ordered two strands of champagne south sea pearls from her. One looked greenish in the photos, the other one didn't. In real life there wasn't a champagne pearl in neither of the two strands. I like them anyway, but it would have been nice if one of them were champagne colored at least. I have used those greenish pearls in a lot of project so it wasn't a waste, but I get why you are disappointed.
Sorry to hear about that Charlotta! I was mainly surprised because the fireball I got from here looked exactly like the picture, so I thought I could rely on those. I wrote to Yunlan about it and it looks like she is fine with me exchanging/returning them, so that is a plus for her as a seller.
I'd be disappointed too Azra - not purple at all . Barely lavender... if it's worth the cost I'd return them but if they were really inexpensive maybe you can use them for something. Cherry pick the best colour and see how many you end up with.

and the cracks really aren't noticeable but you want to protect the integrity of the pearl. Perhaps wrap the edge with thin gold bezel strip and that might keep it from further damage.
That’s a shame about those little baroque freshies, Azra. I think I’ve seen them on the Kong’s Etsy site, and while they’re obviously not the deepest purple, they certainly look darker and appear to have more interesting overtones in her photos.
I’ve bought quite a few bits and pieces from Yunlan, and I find it’s about 20% great pearls, 70% pretty good pearls, and 10% disappointment. I’ve never returned anything, given her generally low prices compared to the cost of postage. I agree with Katbran that it might be salvaging the best pearls from these strands and cutting your losses on the rest. Alternatively, next time you do an order from a vendor with a wide product range, have a look to see if they have anything inexpensive that you could mix in with these to make something fun - some keshi or rosebud pearls in a similar colour might make a pretty, textural rope, or some big nuggets scattered at intervals could be quite casual and fun.
Katbran and Sydk, your messages actually made me reconsider returning the pearls - considering their cost it really wasn’t worth shipping them back to China. I have picked the pearls with the best luster and have made two bracelets- the color really doesn’t work with my skin tone, but with a bracelet that’s not that big of a deal.
I also just received the abalone pearl set. I am very happy with the look of the bezel but unsure about the positioning of the bale, as it falls a bit too horizontal when worn - I’ll try to see how it goes for a couple of days before going back to the jeweler with it. Thanks for letting me share :)
Katbran - the bracelets are quite lustrous, I kind of like them despite the off color. For what concerns the pendant I am posting two pictures- the first of it hanging- and the second of how I would like it to hang. I am not sure it would be feasible, but I thought that maybe by moving the bale a bit this could be achieved? Otherwise I’m quite happy with the setting.
You would think that it would be intuitive that the pearl should be vertical. :)
I like the way you want it to hang. Take it back to the jeweler to redo it.
Pearlbop- thank you for your kind words :)
Bw, pattye - I have taken the pendant back to the jeweler to have the bail moved - hope it will hang right this time. While waiting I have stumbled upon a nice pair of blue baroque akoya studs - and I could not resist. Initially I was a bit skeptical about the drop shape, but they are really growing on me. Pictured with the pearlparadise bba for color comparison purposes.8869F52D-B9C9-452B-96B2-132AD9DF383B.jpgAD44B1B8-E499-4217-A432-E3F822F1F7EB.jpg
Oh, I missed your post about the not-purple freshies - the bracelets are so pretty and lustrous. The bba drops are gorgeous! What a lovely collection you have.
Hopefully your pendant will hang properly once the bail is moved.
Ooo, I like the shape of the studs. The color is amazing.
Beautiful studs, I like that shape. Makes them more interesting. That blue strand is amazing as well.
You have a great pearl collection there :) and I thank you for sharing!
I love Abalone pearls and I am always interested in ways to set them that will showcase their unique beauty.
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