My small pearl rainbow

You have a great pearl collection there :) and I thank you for sharing!
I love Abalone pearls and I am always interested in ways to set them that will showcase their unique beauty.
Welcome to the forum!

Dear Douglas - thank you so much! The floating cortez pearl necklace and the pair of natural pearl earrings are my favorite pieces, and I have to thank you for that :)

I have since had the bail moved, attaching the revamped pendant in a longer chain, I love the way it looks and hangs now.
I have also had the chance to had the PP Tahitian necklace reworked - I shortened it slightly and replace the clasp with a small orbit clasp, I love the way it looks right now 93250E76-8C26-4F86-A506-8ECCD161A9CD.jpg1EFFDF3F-655B-4863-AF23-B9D5765DCADC.jpg
Very nice collection you have Azra and that abalone pendant is so pretty!!
The pendant is even better now and your reworked tahitians are just beautiful
I agree with Charlotta :)
The pendant looks great and those dark Tahitians are looking so fine!
Happy Valentine's Day! :eek:
The pendant looks perfect now, and your Tahitians are lovely.
Thanks everyone for the nice words, and thank you Douglas for your wishes, I hope you and your wife had a special day yesterday!

Pattye - I really do agree with you. In the last couple of months my focus had been on buying less and reworking/tweaking pieces I already own and that I find myself not wearing in a way that they fit my needs a bit better. As you said, small changes that make a big difference :) Posting pictures of one such example - last year I bought a fw pearl chain (gold plated sterling silver) with two spring clasps - one of these new “mask holding” accessories, that could also be used as a necklace. I never wore it as I found the length a bit off for me - and have since repurposed it in a shorter necklace that doubles as a wrap bracelet and a pair of earrings that I find myself living! 1B4540F0-3790-416C-BC8D-3659820B080B.jpg4C4B4EAF-F579-4E07-93B7-FC34FD343A52.jpg
Hello Azra...we did have a good V-day..."pandemic styled" ;) and just stayed home...but the wine was "warm" and plentiful (it's gotten very cold!) we played our favorite music and "our song" (The Cure's "Pictures of You"), cooked for everyone (Vegan Calzone anyone?) and went to bed early to watch a not-so-good romantic movie on Netflix (actually, the movie made it possible for me to fall asleep at 9 pm...better than any sleeping pill!)
Love what you have done with your reworked pieces...the earrings are specially lovely :)
Thank you all for the nice words! And Douglas, I’m happy to hear you had a nice V day - my Valentine and I are in different countries and stuck due to Corona, so we had to have a virtual dinner instead :)
I have continued with the “re-working” trend - and I think that I am finally content with the state of my collection. I’m attaching the two new pieces . The first one is a soufflé pearl pendant that used to be a yellow gold floating pearl necklace from PP - I loved the pearl but hated how it hanged, so I changed the orientation. I also think the white gold works better with the overtones.

The second piece used to be a pair of studs from pearlescence. I love love love the color - a muddy pink that changes with the light and the luster (and they were also quite reasonably priced) but I disliked the fact that they have a slightly different shape - one is more oval. While it was probably not that noticeable on the ears, it kind of bothered me so they didn’t get much wear. I had them reset as threader earrings in white gold and love them now - the difference in shape is even more noticeable, but with this setting I think it gives them more character.
Yup! Those earrings are very nice...I call that color "smoked cherry" :) Very lovely!
And I also like the way your pendant looks now...nice rework! Very nice soufflé, lots of Orient in it!
Lovely pieces, and good on you for getting the most out of your collection and not letting those pearls languish unworn in your jewellery box.
You are doing a great job at reworking your pieces Azra! Wow, and look at that mirror luster on pearlescence pearls! Lovely!