My small pearl rainbow


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Oct 8, 2018
Dear all, long time lurker, first time thread poster here. First of all let me thank you all for the amazing pictures you have shared here, I have really enjoyed the opportunity to admire some amazing pearls and collections. I have always been very interested in gemstones and discovered this forum by chance a couple of years ago. In this time I have accumulated a small collection of pearls and thought it was a good time to start sharing. Apologies for the poor quality pictures, they are all taken with my phone. Thanks for letting me share :) IMG_9471.jpgIMG_9468.jpgIMG_9475.jpgIMG_9478.jpgIMG_9479.jpgIMG_9480.jpg
Welcome azra! You have a lovely collection. I like the blues!
What a beautiful collection you have Azra! The blues are amazing, can I ask how big is the blue Tahitian pendant?
Welome, Azra ... what a pleasure to see your collection ... lovely, well chosen pieces!
Hi, azra! Thank you for sharing your collection. Your choices all seem to have a lot of “soul” as well as being beautiful. Isn’t everyone kind and helpful here? Have a great rest of your day and evening!
Hi Azra. Your pearl collection is beautiful. You have some wonderful drop and baroque shapes, and the blues are gorgeous. Those golden studs are a rich, interesting colour.
Thank you all for the nice words very warm welcome :)
pattye, yes I love to link them together, I'm a big fan of orbit clasps (some of those come from you, so thanks :) )
eolian pearls I'm not really sure, I bought it in a local shop and fell in love with it without asking for the specs - but here it is next to a 9-10 mm stud from PP. In real life the color is really special, more of a rainbow than blue.
The blues are also among my favorites - the necklace is vietnamese akoyas from PP (one of the vip sales) and the studs are japanese akoya from Cees. The gold studs are also from Cees - the color is great, a real gold in real life. I am posting another picture of it next to my newest addition, gold hoops with gold-peach edisons.
thanks, I was quite surprised by how good the luster is. I bought them in a small local shop that has interesting pearl jewellery (it's where I have both the hoops with the small fw pearls glued on them) but usually the pearl quality is not what you can see on this forum. But these gold peach edisons are an exception, they really glow! :)
It has been a very good week when it comes to pearls for me -I bought two E723E40F-4495-47CF-B1A6-8CBB75FAF1AD.jpgbeautiful pairs of keshi studs - a tiny pair of champagne ssp and a huuuuuge pair of fwp. I also got around to having a pair of Fiji keshi pearls I bought from J hunter last year set as studs. And last but not the least I changed the chain on my floating sea of Cortez pearl from silver to yellow gold - I think it really brings out the overtones beautifully, and I am so happy with the results. Below a couple of pictures. E723E40F-4495-47CF-B1A6-8CBB75FAF1AD.jpg 35A5CA57-E796-4BF6-9371-21106BB8A6BC.jpg3914A0AE-BD41-4A67-96DF-99D20A83E11D.jpg
The mismatched Fiji keshi studs are proving very difficult to photograph, but are a beautiful cherry - green mix in real life - especially the plumper one. Caption
They are all lovely. Your pearl collection has been beautifully curated with a quality and varied selection of pieces.