My first Tahitian strand!


Dec 13, 2019
After years of dreaming, I've finally got my hands on a whole strand of circled Tahitians, and I'm pretty much over the moon. My friends and family don't really freak out over pearls like I do, so I thought perhaps y'all would more fully share in my jubilation


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Hi BrianWanes ... that's a spectacular strand of circled Tahitians; you should be over the moon! My friends and family don't freak out either, but they tolerate my pearl passion with patience (and maybe a hint of boredom LOL). And those Tahitians look fantastic on you, Congratulations! My husband went from "NEVER - NO PEARLS" to "ONE fantastic Kamoka Tahitian pearl on a leather cord" but it took 5 years ... now he wears it willingly for some events, and he thinks it's HIS idea ;)
Gorgeous tahitian strand. I love circled pearls...most pearls when I think about it...but there is something special with circled pearls. Usually they have so many colors and in them. They look great on you
The strand looks GREAT on you Brian :cool2:
Oh these are delicious Brian!!! So colorful and lustruous! Great choice!!!

And this is really the most supportive place for any pearl obsessionist! I am with you with friends and family who seem to lack the starry eyes look when spotting a pearl in a close vicinity but fear not! I have managed to convert my sister and my Mom and even a few friends to a slightly lesser form of pearl just need to make them see the overtones,and the range of colors and the shapes and keep going until they crack...Or you always have this forum here...:)
thanks for legitimizing my obsession, y'all, it's nice to have people who understand! My collection started off with the good ol' single-tahitian-on-leather piece too. At the time I didn't have the cojones (or the money, for that matter) to rock a whole pearl necklace, but once I saw some pics of Maharajas drowning in pearls, I figured "if they could do it, so can I." As for the friends and family, I've pretty much resigned myself to just being grateful that they tolerate my pearl rants and history lessons
They look great on you!

My husband loves wearing Tahitian strands too. I'd love to see more men wearing them.
I would wear necklaces too. I loved the way the pearls felt on my, soft like silk. They make you more aware of yourself.
Somehow "men are not allowed to wear pearls" but this will again change: we did wear them and we LOVED them!
Just like Jeremy's case: only compliments! once even from a US Customs agent at LAX!
Congratulations BrianWanes! It’s a wonderful first strand, and hopefully not the last!:yup:
Haha yes, I'd heard about Harry and his pearls. I like to tell people he stole the look from me! pearls look much better on us! :approve:
Very nice pearls, I must say!
We’ll spin and do happy dances with you, the colors really pop!