My birthday gift: GSSP studs! (Jewelmer)


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Feb 24, 2016
Hey guys, long time no post (for me, haha)! But as always, I enjoy lurking and looking at all the lovely pearl photos, as well as reading the informative posts. I was engrossed by the imitation pearls thread on my ride home.

Anyway, I recently celebrated my birthday, and for my gift, my mom (who is a pearl fanatic, let me tell ya...) let me choose an item from Jewelmer (within reason, of course). Even though I already have a pair of gssp dangling earrings, I decided to go with stud earrings this time. I find earrings to be more versatile for me.

Anyway, pics time! Forgive my awful close up ear shot, I really have a hard time doing ear shots without showing my face. Any tips would be welcome. These studs are around 12mm on average, semi-round and a lovely gold color. I love the luster and how it looks on me :D:





Thought you guys might enjoy some other pics I took at the boutique while choosing:





The baroque pendant with a boat charm is part of a summer collection that makes use of baroque pearls with various other charms like a palm tree, a popsicle, suitcase, etc. It's very playful. That one is particularly large at around 12.98mm, and at quite a reasonable price too (for Jewelmer, haha).

Anyway, there are lots more at the boutique: rings, bangles, charms, strands. They had a particularly nice deep-gold long strand of around 10-11mm pearls. It was gorgeous; wonderful luster and a very clean surface. It also sells for around $16,000 (yikes!). Given developing country salaries, it might take me 10 years to earn that much extra income :p
Happy birthday indeed! The studs are a great size for your ear. You're going to wear those a lot!

I love the baroque pearl with the charm. :)
Happy Birthday! What a lovely gift.

I'd be afraid the charm would scratch the pearl pendant. I would love it if the charm was attached an inch away from the pearl, or dangling off the bottom of the pearl instead of right next to it. Just me?
Thanks for the well wishes, everyone.

Regarding the charms, all the gold that Jewelmer uses in its pieces are 18k gold. I'm not sure if it would scratch the pearl, though. I hope not. My sister wants the one with a suitcase charm.
Happy birthday and what a lovely present. It looks fantastic on you. Enjoy it
Happy birthday! They look gorgeous! GSSP are on my Wishlist :)
Thanks, guys. I love them so much and could spend several minutes just staring at them from several angles, haha. I'm delighted that Jewelmer is coming out with more youthful and wearable designs. Their sales seem to be going stronger as well. A lot of their items sell out quickly!