Maki-e...spectacular pair!


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Jan 16, 2017
I caught the Maki-e bug and jumped at the sight of them...that’s in Cee’s IG feed that is! I believe I was barely awake when I spotted them! These pair are now on its way to moi, after Sarah from Oceanscove applied her craftsmanship and added a pair of 18KYG eye pins to convert into earring jackets. I plan on wearing them with my Kiki hoops!
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Wow, they are amazing! Please post a picture when you get them.
I saw those on Cee's instagram feed. They look great. We need ear shots now! You must model them for us, please.
Thank you everyone for your nice comments! I should be getting them by Monday, that is if the hurricane doesn’t come our way and will post additional pictures!

Linda.wald, I’ve learned a ton about pearls on this forum. Here’s what I learned about this technique:
Maki-e is a paint technique developed 1,000 years ago during the Edo period in Japan. Lacquer is applied to surfaces and then powdered gold or silver paint is mixed in for various flat or raised ornamentations. In pearls, they typically feature tiny abalone tiles that are often accented by designs rendered in the same 24k powered gold paint used to create maki-e pearls.

Knowing me, now I want a collection of them sights!!
I've come off Ban Island...I'm in talks with Sarah for a pendant! Just could not resist!
Thank you Pearling Technologies and Bernadette!

86C happy shopping and look forward to seeing pictures of your new pendant!!
My new maki-e pearls have arrived and they’re just wow beautiful!! These pictures definitely do not do them justice!
WOW, Lilpearl, those are stunning ... Congratulations :) I can see I'm going to need to add a pair of earrings to my own maki-e pendant :)
WOWZA! Those look amazing. You'll have to post wearing them often, so we can enjoy them, too.
They are really beautiful and looks great on you. They loon great with those huggies as well.