Are these south sea pearls? thank you


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Nov 19, 2023
Hello, I just discovered this forum and right away signed up. I bought online these pair of earrings, ring and pendant set in 14k gold. The seller said they are SS pearls from Palawan, and are 13mm in size. Appreciate if you experts ca nshed light on what I actually bought - SS pearls, colour (I'm hoping they are not dyed/enhanced), and size. They actually don't look as white in person, a little pinkish (3rd photo) than the photos. Thank you so much and I have a lot to learn about pearls so I'm really glad I cam across this site.

Are these south sea pearls? Are these south sea pearls? Are these south sea pearls?
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Yes, they are South Sea pearls. They are not probably not from Palawan. Golden South Sea pearls grow on Palawan, so they are more likely from Indonesia or Australia.

There is nothing about the color that would give me a reason to think they've been dyed. They have some surface issues, but overall look like a nice set of South Sea.