LIVESTREAM from the Sea of Cortez! - Rare, Mexican Pearls Direct from the Farm


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Aug 26, 2005
  • I am incredibly pleased to share this special event with all of you. It's a 3-part event that will take place on Saturday 16th (at 10 am and 5 pm PST) and the last one on Sunday (10 am).
  • The event will happen at the Guaymas based pearl farm, and will reunite Douglas (me), Enrique and Manuel -the original Cortez Pearl farm team & founders- alongside Hisano & Jeremy Shepherd!
  • Be ready for your questions about one of the rarest cultured pearls in the World!
  • Cortez Pearls are among the finest, most coveted pearls in the world, thanks to their unusual natural colors and ultra-thick nacre. Cortez Pearls are also the rarest cultured pearls with annual production of just 4,000 pearls.
  • These are also the only pearls to have 100% Fair Trade Gem backing.

Streaming LIVE this Saturday and Sunday!
3/16: 10 am and 5 pm Pacific
3/17: 10 am Pacific


I love that this will be live on location. Will the three streams all be covering different topics or will they all be roughly equal in content?
All different topics! And different pearls!
I heard so much about this type of pearls on the other side of the world and yet still didn’t have a chance to look at them by one’s own naked eye. This is going to be one great event for us all
Yay! What fun! Looking forward to seeing you all Live!
@CortezPearls, was the livestream recorded? Will it possibly be posted to YouTube? I am so sure you all had a wonderful time! Aside: the more I learn and think about pearls, the more miraculous and beautiful I find them. 💖
We created a short highlight reel of the livestream! We had so much fun with the team from Perlas del Mar de Cortez. We're already thinking about another trip!

I had a blast and was conspicuously constipated with the pearl sac explanation 😂