Little h on Who What Wear


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Jun 29, 2014
I was scrolling through an article on Spring 2019 jewelry trends. One of the trends listed was drop earrings, and as I scrolled by the first picture (Dior earrings with pearls), I thought "they really need some of Hisano's stunning drop earrings." I kept scrolling and saw these beauties appear:

little h Tahitian pearl and emerald earrings

These lovelies have been on my lust list for a while now. I guess I'm not the only one, lol.
Yay! Great to see Hisano's work being recognized. What an artist...
I love those earrings. Little h designs are so unique & original!! These are definitely on my lusting list!!
I keep reading "Who What Wear" but thinking "What Not To Wear" which is so wrong when it comes to little h jewels.
Am I the only one who thinks of spaceships and little aliens when I see these? They have such character and seem to have little personalities!
Nit the only one Amti :) As in the most precious, rare and beautiful little alien ships ever ... I don’t want to own them; I want to adopt them!