Layering Tahitians


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Sep 15, 2015
I haven't posted pictures in quite a while because quite frankly, my Iphone and I are quite poor at it. Part of the problem is the light in Texas is just too bright. However, today is a nasty stormy day and the house is quite dim. The two strands pictured are newer acquisitions. The inner strand of pearls is an endless ombre strand measuring 24". The outer strand is 26". Even in the subdued light I wasn't able to capture all the colors. They really aren't just shades of grey. These two seem to be my "go to strands" for daytime wear. I almost always wear them together and sometimes add a pendant on the longer of the two. I like my pearls large so the pearls are generally 11- 14mm.


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Thank you Pattye, Amti and Charlotta.
This strand of pearls has almost every color that Tahitians come in. The pearls are all round and the luster is amazing. I bought them at The Gem Show several years ago. I saw them in the dealers case and just couldn't walk away. I usually buy pearls online from our most trusted sources. The strand is 19 inches long, and I knotted them on Beaders Secret in Storm (thank you Pattye).


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Great statement necklaces! Love the colours in your last picture.
I know what you mean about the light being too bright - same here in Sydney. But these are lovely photos.
Thank you Katbran. In the hot summers in Texas, I wear smaller strands of long pearls. I save the larger pearls for evenings. Also, when it’s hot I don’t tend to wear chokers. I’m worried about pearls coming in contact with suntan lotions.
Thank you Gemandpearlover. I’m so used to always wearing Wilma Flintstone size pearls, they don’t look extraordinary large to me. Hey, everything is larger in Texas!