Japanese Method, two strand, no tools Pearl tieing method video by Lloyds Jewelry


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Dec 22, 2010
We posted this method on you tube using #2 carded silk with attached needle. This is far from an original idea from me. I saw it first as a turtorial on Fire Mountain. My adaptation of the method was to use a table top, and string across in front of me. This works well, and can be used with power pro, and a beading needle. At the end of the video is my third hand for ending a necklace that has clasps.


Lloyd Patterson
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I learn something from each and every one of these videos ... thanks Lloyd!
I am so thrilled you did this. I know it took some time, but it was worth it. I rated the thread.

I hope you do more videos. I love your voice -and you have a lot to teach!

Thanks for your kind remarks. I would suggest everyone watch your great video about power pro. I prefer to use power pro most of the time. Did you know that power pro is Spectra. Spectra is also used to make bullet proof vest. I keep it in stock in 20#, 30#, and 50# (bought fishing supply house). It is, in my opinion the strongest thread for knotting.

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Good video, Lloyd! Thanks for presenting another technique for knotting!
I would certainly agree powerpro is a good product; just unfortunate the colors are so limited. Plus I find it hard on the hands. I may start offering it also. Fireline is another fishing line that has crossed over into the beading and crafting market.

Here is an interesting article comparing kevlar and spectra in regards to bullet proof vests:

A quick tip for power pro and it's hard on your hands true fract. Take a set of kitchen rubber gloves ( the thick pots, and pans type) cut out the fingers off, and wear cut finger of glove on the two fingers that get the stress of pulling the pp tight. In my Japanese method, I put them on my third finger of each hand Then wrap the separated pp around the the fingers with the cut rubber glove on it 3 times on each hand and do the 90 degree pull to tighten and put the knot into the right place right up against the pearl.
That's a good idea, Lloyd. I love using powerpro, but it really tears up my hands!