Jack Lynch - A True Pearl - Announces His Retirement


Sep 20, 2006
Jack Lynch is our Pearl of the Week!

Read about Jack HERE.

Jack Lynch of Sea Hunt Pearls
He looks like a nice guy to work for. Wonder if he had some awesome sales?
Amti - I like the way you're thinking.
I wish I had a chance to see Jack's pearls in person, or had the opportunity to purchase from him before he retired.
But my heart totally skipped a few beats when I saw in GemGeek's article that he is liquidating his stock.

Hope he has a VERY happy retirement and joins Pearl-Guide!
Jack is an amazingly lovely gentleman and super knowledgeable about pearls too. His eye is the best there is. I shall miss him in HK
He is a one of a kind. Saw him today and he is smiling big. Did say he had a "big" night last night!!! I think he will be just fine in his retirement. He will probably find something as wonderful to do as Sea Hunt. Congratulations Jack.
Love the cake!
Happy trails Jack Lynch!