Iridescent White South Sea Pearl


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Apr 8, 2012
I just purchased this beauty from Agustus Collection's eBay store. A 14mm round white South Sea pearl with pink iridescent overtones.

Sven showed us his recent purchases in his "Can't Stop Drooling" thread.

These pearls have been showing up on eBay over the past few days, but I was focused on the goldens. Yesterday I spotted this metallic whte pearl and it was all over. I'm in love! Edi answered my inquiry about the color with:

"The body color is a silvery white and the overtone is iridescent pinkish silvery white. Any shading and coloration you see in the photos are reflections from back-ground, light and camera. This is one of the nicest pearls we found in years. The color and iridescence is magnificent."

Here are a couple of vendor photos. Edi will half-drill the pearl for me on Monday, and then it will be winging its way to me. I'd appreciate any thoughts you experts may have on setting this pretty. A pendant would be easy enough, but I'd like to see if it could be made into a wonderful ring. SilveryWhiteSSPearl.jpgpearls   01
Good choice and the pearl is beautiful.

DK :)
Drooling here. The color is devine. Enjoy your new beauty.
Thank you, all. I have been admiring imanit's rings in this thread . I'm not seeing any stock ring settings for 14 mm pearls. When the pearl arrives I'll have a discussion with my local jeweler. I'm sure there are Stuller settings that he can adapt, probably some more easily than others. This would be the less expensive route. There is always the more pricey custom route, which is probably worth it for this pearl.

Settings with lots of diamonds are gorgeous, but probably not so much my style. I'd have to upgrade the rest of me and my wardrobe to be worthy! Right now, I have my eye on an X-O ring. There is a Stuller version, and I'm also showing a custom colored stone version by T Lee, a designer that is local to me.


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It's Here, and It's Amazing!!!

It's Here, and It's Amazing!!!

The big silvery pinkish South Sea pearl arrived by Fed Ex on Wednesday morning, only two days after leaving Bali.

Wow!!! This is a gorgeous pearl. I am so very pleased. In real life the pearl is a silvery white and the pink iridescence is very, very obvious. I've already shown it to three jewelers, and I am considering options to set it. I'm planning on a big, beautiful ring. This pearl is worthy of a designer setting, and I will probably go that route.

The first photo shows the 14 mm pearl next to four pairs of earrings from Pearl Paradise. Clockwise from the left: 7.5-8mm exotic freshwater with pink overtones, 8-8.5mm blue akoyas, 7-7.5mm white akoya with silver overtones AAA quality, and 7-8mm metallic white freshwater freshadama quality. The metallic whites are the best match. The second photo shows the big pretty pearl in my hand. Yes, I am wearing a blue sweater today.

Thank you for your lovely comments. I am a very lucky lady to have such a pretty pearl.


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The picture with all of the earrings it is great to see all the different types of pearls displayed.
Thank you Pattye, Katbran, and Newberry. Newberry, I remember the advice to buy the best when it comes to pearls, and I am now trying to follow it. Believe me, I have a lot of pearls that I don't even bother photographing, much less posting on a pearl forum!

Anyhow, I made a visit to Sarah at Kojima Pearls just over a year ago, and I picked up this amazing silver to dark grey graduated monster baroque pearl from her. This beauty has a rainbow iridescence that is gorgeous in person, but is difficult to see in pictures. I took it to Minneapolis designer Stephen Vincent Design and said, does this pearl inspire you? Of course, it did. He came up with this nifty pendant with a bezeled moonstone top and drippy rose gold tentacles. I wear this piece a lot, and I'm thinking the new silvery, pinky SS round might look good as a companion ring piece in rose gold.


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Are you sure the earrings aren't keshi? They look tiny!

- Karin
Karin - You made me laugh out loud. I have been experimenting with larger sized pearl earrings. I even have a pair of Tahitian studs that must be 12 mm. I never wear them. I have come to the conclusion that pearl stud earrings in the 7.5mm to 8mm size hit my sweet spot of size versus comfort. I do wear them with larger backs than those in the photo. When the pearls are larger than 8 mm, then I use jumbo backs.

I picked up the 7-8mm metallic whites during the PP early February sale, and luckily the pair I got seems to be in my sweet spot. They are so shiny. Just what I was hoping for.
Red - your studs aren't small. Your new pearl is humongous! :D

- Karin
Hi Red - what a beautiful, beautiful pearl

I think Rose-gold would be perfect

I love the picture of it in your hand, where you're wearing the blue sweater !

White-gold might be a bit sterile, and Gold probably too much, but Rose-gold would let your pearl 'breathe'

What a treasure

Please do post the finished piece