Inherited these pearls, would like to know more about!


Sep 19, 2015
Hi, I wonder if there are some experts who can help me know more about this beautiful necklace I was given recently? It belonged originally to a lady who had passed away in late 1990's at age 88. She was from eastern Europe but lived in Australia since end of WW II. It is from "Hardy bros" (Australian jeweler) according to the box. The longer strand is at least 24", and there are about 160 pearls. It appears the little green beads are jade? The clasp is marked 14K/585. It looks more rose gold than yellow.

They are certainly not fakes--they are a bit gritty, etc. Would like to know what kind of cultured pearls (Akoya?) they might be, and approximate value?


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Welcome to Pearl-Guide and congratulations on a beautiful gift! Are you planning to wear them, or sell them?

If wearing them, I recommend restringing for safety. Silk absorbs oils, moisture and grime and this weakens it.

They are akoyas, and I'm guessing from your information that the pearls are about 6-6.5mm? Or maybe 6.5-7mm?

The photos are a bit small and I don't see flaws, but every strand can be expected to have some flaws. They have nice luster!

As to value, there is replacement value for insurance purposes, and there is resale value, which is less. Used pearls do not tend to retain their value well for resale purposes, but the clasp is beautiful, and would certainly make the necklace more desirable than a nondescript clasp would do.

To get an idea of resale value you would have to see what similar pieces sold for, but that might be tricky with that unusual clasp. Check Ruby Lane and eBay for starters, looking at completed sales.

Thanks! I thought I added a post with the size, but I think they are about 6-6.5 mm as you said. I have a lousy camera, unfortunately, so the pics are not that great--but I appreciate your input very much! I will not sell them, and will consider re-stringing them. I tried looking at eBay, but I have such little knowledge of pearls, I had little idea of what was comparable. Will check Ruby Lane too--thanks again!
Thanks, everyone! I'm surprised to learn I got the type of pearl right (akoya), as I only guessed that from doing some online reading about pearls! I received them as a gift from the daughter of the original owner. She gave them to me as a treasured keepsake, and I plan to wear them proudly! I appreciate the input from you all, Pearl Dreams, Tucs and pattye!
I would love to see some neck shots of this lovely double strand on you if you are willing to post some. It's a truly beautiful gift you've been given!
Ok, will do when I get a chance! (Warning, my neck is 61 yrs old, lol!)
There are lots of older necks around here! Mine included. :)

Looking again at the photos, it's possible they were restrung not long ago; the silk doesn't look dirty.
Older neck here! I would wear those pearls with the clasp in front like a pendant, or to side like a brooch. With a beautiful clasp, I never hide them behind my neck. This necklace is special, so make sure everyone sees that.
What a wonderful gift! After researching for clasps for my own projects, I have to admit, unusual clasps are very attractive and make a nice statement. Where them with pride and be sure to care for them properly.
Thanks, everyone! I will put them on with clasp on the side and try to take a photo. :)
Here's the pic of them on. Just out of interest, the box says "by appointment to HM Queen Elizabeth II, Silversmiths Hardy Brothers, Limited". image.jpg
Chili what a gorgeous strand! Looks wonderful on you, love the clasp on the side :)