I knotted a little necklace extender. Also: pearls for next project


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Aug 11, 2019
I bought a a gold-filled fishhook clasp and some modern glass pearls and made a ca. 2 inch (5 cm) extender for an existing strand that I love but is just too short. Will try it out soon. I’m still not great at trimming/hiding my initial and final knots. I’ll keep practicing!

I received these freeform dyed black freshwater pearls in the mail last week, and am looking forward to making a fall necklace soon. I got both Night and Plum Beader’s Secret from Pattye, thinking those colors will work nicely with the variegated pearl colors.

Thanks for reading. I’m wishing all who are stateside a good rest of Labor Day, and hoping that those anywhere near Hurricane Dorian will stay safe.





Thank you! I’d been planning to make one with beads and chain, and then I realized I could knot one. I’m kind of addicted to knotting now. My entire bead box looks so different to me now. So many stringing possibilities. Elastic cord and memory wire have their place in jewelry making, but stringing and knotting are much more enjoyable for me and have a result I like so much more!
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Beautifully done. Extenders are so useful. Sometimes I make a necklace and a bracelet with the same clasps so that I can make my necklace longer.