How close is Metallic Freshadama to Hanadama Akoya (??)


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May 21, 2016

I am a newbie. After having been reading many good articles/threads, I decided to join the community :)

I am planning to buy another strand of pearl necklace and become indecisive, hopefully some pearl experts here will be able to help.

- How close in looks is Metallic Freshadama to Hanadama? (I own a strand of 7.5-8mm Hanadama with matching stud bought from Japan a couple years ago)
- I reached out to Pearl Paradise looking for Metallic Freshadama. Hisano said they are out of stock and maybe available again if they can find some at Jewery show next Month. I am indecisive if I should take advantage of the 20% VIP discount and purchase Freshadama strand, or anyone know if Pearl Paradise usually offer any bigger discounts at any time of the year? (I heard they used to offer 30% discount (??). No i do not have specific occasion to wear them at anytime soon, this purchase is purely out of desire lol)
- Any other vendor/website that offer the same quality of pearls as Freshadama (i figure they might refer to a different name) and Metallic Freshadama besides Pearl Paradise? What would be the discounts they are offering?
- I am also deciding if my next purchase should be a double strand or just a single bigger one (than the 7.5-8 that I own). Should the double strand be smaller?

Anyone has pictures around my questions to share for comparison would be appreciated.
Hi Myizzkie,

I have not seen a site-wide sale for more than 20%, although individual items on clearance may be discounted more.

Other vendors do sell earring-grade freshwaters similar to the Freshadama line of PP.

Metallic freshwaters are not completely round, in most cases. The ones I own have strong green undertones. Even the white ones, when laid next to akoyas, seem a bit warmer toned. In short, I don't think you should expect them to look like Hanadama akoyas. They have their own look.

Freshadamas will be rounder than the metallic fwp but the luster is less sharp than either akoyas or metallic freshwaters.

As to multiple strands vs. a larger strand, what look do you prefer? Both can be lovely.

Also, if you like larger pearls, have you thought of WSS pearls?
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Hello Pearl Dreams,

Thank you for your reply :)

I do not know much about WSS as they are way out of my price range now, though I heard they are huge and gorgeous.

Since the hanadama strand I own has always been in the box as I feel it is very delicate, I plan for my next strand to be somewhat casual but still high in luster and quality, yet affordable and durable for everyday wear so I think high quality Freshwater pearls would be the right fit.

Guess I might wait to see if Pearl Paradise will have metallic Freshadama available again after the jewelry show in June..

Meanwhile, I am still open to any recommendation anyone might have! :)
Based on what you say about wanting something more casual for everyday wear but still high quality, I agree that freshwaters are the way to go.

If luster is more important to you than roundness, go for the metallic fwp.
If roundness is more important, go for the top grade fwp (Freshadama)

Rather than just waiting to see what Jeremy and Hisano (Pearl Paradise) bring back from Hong Kong, I suggest you actually contact them and ask them to look for what you want, specifically.
From what you just said I think that Freshwaters are the way to go. You just need to have a think about how important various factors are to you..... ask yourself if you need the pearls to be ROUND or is Off-round OK? Some people don't care , some prefer ROUND. Off - round pearls look pretty close to round to most people..but if you have an eye for might not like that.
Also - how important is the you prefer white white white .. or creamy white...white with rose overtones.. etc
And - Size... how large ? You might want to go a bit bigger .. like 9mm ... especially if you get a short necklace - you want it to be different to your current one I'd suppose.
And the length ... would you like a rope that you can also double? Think about what you tend to wear...

If you search through the forums .. there are various threads that talk about the different 'white' pearls and lots of photos .
I want both luster and roundness actually.
Yes I have actually reached out to Hisano at Pearl Paradise. Hisano sent me the below picture of the comparison of AAA Metallic White and Freshadama. Since I like the luster of the metallics but also prefer them as near perfect round as possible, Hisano put my name in "wish list" (hopefully my wishes will be granted soon :) I actually do like Freshadama from the pictures as well and knowing how rare metallic Freshadama is and they may not them available after the show, I am not sure if I should take advantage of 20% VIP discount and buy Freshadama before promotion ends..
Metallic and a freshadama

Thank you both for the replies :)
I think you should be very clear with them as to what you want and what your budget is.. if you want absolutely round then you need to tell them. And they need a clear idea as to your budget so as to advise you . The Freshadama on sale might be worth a look. You could order them and see what you think...they have an excellent return policy. Good luck...whatever you decide they will look after you :)
Also think about the tone of the pearls and what looks good against your particular skin.

In the photo you posted, notice the metallic pearls are warmer in color than the Freshadama strand. Is this a good quality for you?
Hello All,
First of all, sorry for being MIA.
I actually took a bit of all advices from everyone here and purchased Freshadama stand from PP with 20%. Few weeks later, Hisano reached back to be that she was able to find White Metallic Freshadama I was asking and waiting for. After another few weeks of wait for them to arrive, i finally was able to own what I have been waiting/dreaming for. I have never seen any Freshwater pearls like quality. THEY ARE GORGEOUS!

I have pictures to share, one under sunlight and another in shade - I put side by side the Hanadama I bought from Japan years ago, PP's White Metallic Freshadama, PP's White Freshadama -- wonder if you would be able to tell which is which (??) Note that as much as I try, no pictures can do justice of how stunning they are in person :)

the Hanadama I bought from Japan years ago, PP's White Metallic Freshadama, PP's White Freshadama
Hanadama I bought from Japan years ago, PP's White Metallic Freshadama, PP's White Freshadama

Wishing you all a great weekend!
Freshadamas are innermost, then metallic whites, then hanadamas outermost. Fabulous!
I agree with Pearl Dreams, Freshadamas innermost strand, metalics next, and Hanadamas on the outside, but I scrutinize pearls all the time. They are all gorgeous. They're all winners.
Myizzkie, I sent you a personal message!

They both look great how do you feel about the pearls compared to your Akoyas?
Definitely Freshadamas on the inside then metallics and Hamadamas. They are all lovely.
Metallics in the middle, outside is Hanadama and Freshadama inside!
This picture is really dangerous! I'm in love with round metallics!!!