History of Chinese Dynasty Pearls

Anna Reyne

Feb 20, 2021
Topic of Discussion. Chinese Dynasty Pearls. Or... Pearls of the Emperors.

As many ancient pearls are from China this is a unique topic of discussion. Unfortunately there is virtually no information on these historical pieces unless you live in or have visited the museums in China. In fact it is so bare of information, I have asked a friend in China to dig up some photos and history, if she can of these rare pieces of the Emperors. I will repost when I get such interesting information. I did find an interesting historical mythological quotation:

According to Ming Dynasty manual “The Exploitation of the Works of Nature” (Tian Gong Kai Wu), pearl-producing oysters would be lifted out of the water every full moon to absorb the lunar essence, which forms the soul of the pearl. It also says that on the harvest moon, the older oysters would turn their bodies to face the moon, so long as the night was clear.

If this is not magic, I do not known what else would be.