Help with Graduation gift


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Jun 4, 2007
Ok gang, it has been a while since I posted but I have been peeking in.

Need suggestions for graduation gift. I am not sure what girls like today since their tastes are so different than mine ( boomer)

Anyway, what would be hip and trendy for today's 18 yr old?

I thought about a black pearl single pendant. Or a Tahitian on a leather cord. And of course, the basic white solitaire pendant with small diamond, but that might not be hip enough (though I think it is.)

I want to keep it in the $100-$150 range.

Suggestions? Opinions?

A pearl belly ring.
Sorry, I really don't. But I know I've seen them on the internet. Let us know what you find. My niece wants one made with one of Josh's pearls. Someday ...
I'll second the tahitian pendant idea. I wear mine on a gold chain but the leather cord necklaces are way hip for the under-21 set. I get compliments on my pendant from a lot of the interns I run into.
Good feedback! Thanks.
I think a baroque tahitian on a black silk cord will work.
Personally I think that she might not like it so much after a few years if you give her something trendy, besides, I think most of the jewelry that the vendors here are selling would work for a 18-year old... They are just not as weird that trendy things tend to be, but works anyway because they're so timeless.
I agree that super-trendy things don't have a very long shelf life...however I think that a tahitian on a silk cord or leather cord is also a classic piece!
Hmmm... I use to have a jade piece on a leather cord and found that the leather cord 'collects' sweat and dirt. Half a year of use I had to throw away the leather cord to buy a new one.
All good suggestions. And great points about trendy items. I think the baroque tahitian on a cord will work, because it could be switched over to chain if it gets dirty or worn.

Thanks again for all the ideas. Y'all are great!!!
I just asked my son and his girlfriend for advice. They both said that black pearls and olnly black pearls are a real treat (even without distinguishing Tahitians and black FWs). And leather or silk cord was also mentioned as a clear priority over golden chains.

I would say something like Pearl Paradise had on the front page in the last months (a round Tahitian on a leather cord) is really universal and not too trendy to be out of fashion soon.

i'm an undergrad, and I've never seen anyone on campus sporting the pearl-on-a-leather-cord style (beads yes, but not pearls!)-- but plenty of undergrads wear classic pearl jewelry daily. For a graduation gift, I'd go with lasting beauty over trendiness, especially if she's off to college and is going to be rubbing elbows with professors, doing interviews, working internships, going to parties. Gold chain is much lovelier and classier! Plus, any gold earrings she owns will match. (what will she wear in her ears if it's strung on a leather cord? she'll have to save up for Tahitian earrings...haha)
Ha! Then we have difference of opinions between campuses
My youngsters were very adamant that the everlasting classic beauty is not for their age and status and - no,no!- "in their circles" classical pearls are out of question (if it is not for the wedding). And they do sport with more simple pandants rather then golden ones. And they easily wear white golden earings with everything. That's their message.

Sorry, Elisa...

P.S. It can be of course that tastes change after graduation: my youngsters have graduated two year ago and are already good earners.
You could put the single pearl on a fine snake chain...that might be more acceptable for a going to college person.