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Jun 22, 2004
Another fun strand. Any ideas? It is about 8-11mm... completely untreated, even a telltale bit of shell smell left...

I have no idea but I'm in love with the color. They look almost blue.
I think Valeria might be right.
Oh. Well they look like light tahitians but that would be too obvious so I'm going to guess some sort of freshwaters even though I haven't seen them in that color before. What about baroque akoyas in a weird color?

Oh but they are too big to be akoyas. I give up.
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Casey.R said:
Oh but they are too big to be akoyas. I give up.

You would think...

They are natural color, baroque Akoya. They are from Xuwen Pearl Paradise, our farm in Xuwen. They have uber-thick nacre as you can tell (much thicker than anything coming out of Japan), and the color is completely natural. It is a little difficult to make out in the photo, but they have really intense orient as well.

Xuwen Pearl Paradise.jpg

This is just a "maybe" line. That is the entire concept of the farm - bringing back the true beauty of Akoya. I matched this strand last weekend just to see how it would turn out...
Another "Wow !!"
Good Heavens, they are beautiful.
The only reason I thought maybe ayokas was because of the color. I've seen silvery blue before... Interesting in that size though.
I know as a consumer I'd be interested to see a line like that.
Man, they look almost like SSP if not for the thick nacre and color! Not fair, you get all the fun stuff.
Odd that the round white stuff would have 'evolved' out of these...

The pearls looked to plump for familiar akoya - not an easy guess.
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jshepherd said:
They do indeed look a lot like South Sea. But they have the luster of Akoya...

Best of both worlds, then? Just amazing. Don't you sleep at all?
Oh! I see rainbows in some of those pearls! They're gorgeous, Jeremy, and if this is only a "maybe" then I'd definitely would grab a strand if they become available. I bet it was fun putting it together :)

You're right about the nacre being thicker than the usual Akoya; they look so yummy!
Those are a nice color. I see orient.

I would love to see/own a few keshis from these guys.

This experiment is doing rather well don't you think? I am sure it will pay off in education and in profits too. You are really getting some great video too; it opens our windows to China to see the processes and sitting in the kitchen(?) for tea... It takes the GIA to new heights, doesn'r it?

BTW how is being a waystation for Strack's book doing?
Another georgous strand to tease us with.. what are we gals to do! ..

Seriously they are another YUMMY strand. I Love teh colorings and the Drop shapes of these in particular.

Thanks for showing us all you new found treasures... You really have an eye for beauty!


Wow. Just Wow. I love them. I love the color, the shape, everything.
I'd been looking forward to seeing the results of the thicker-nacred akoya harvest. I would never have expected something like this! Amazing. Perhaps freshadamas will no longer be king of the pearl hill?
I join Mandy, I would snap up a strand too. Of course, I love Akoyas, so no real shocker. But hearing about the thicker nacre always ups the desirability factor. ;) Beautiful shot.