Fish head pearl

Cyril Roger Brossard

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Aug 30, 2012
SSEF 2013.

We recently received an outstanding pearl brooch for testing. A hollow natural pearl had been carefully designed as the head of a mystic fish. With its astute smile and the two red glowing ruby eyes, it is a perfect example combining a large and somehow baroque-shaped hollow pearl (so-called soufflure) with an artistic jewellery design.

Cool! How creative and unique!
Thanks for bumping this. I hadn't seen it before. I always love the clever things they do with baroque pearls and souffle pearls would make the item much lighter in weight than regular pearls. While not a handsome beast, it is certainly friendly and extraordinarily clever! Thanks again Cyril for your many postings of pearl news and pearls like this!
I love it. Avi Raz is a master at this kind of thing. (A&Z Pearls)
I love it...I love fish & pearls...great combination ;)
Very clever design, although I'd say it looks more like an smiling alligator then a fish to me.