First look at Gulf Cultured pearls from RAK

So that bracelet is about $17.5, or in my money, about ?11.5k?!

I'd go for the naturals, definitely. That's a very serious wedge for those pearls.
Yup the picture on the left titled "A" is weapons-grade levels of money.
The bracelet on the right is RAK pearls and slightly better value at Dhs4k about USD$1,000.

See the thing is I do love the "idea" of RAK pearls as they are the first of their kind here. But I'm very much in love with the natural pearls from Bahrain as well - the history the culture the genuinely of them. Cost difference is USD$350 for Bahrain naturals vs USD$1,000 for RAK pearls (same length and gold used - obviously the RAK pearls larger and more rounded).

Ideally this is a present for my mum's 60th and she'll be delighted with either but want to get her something from where I live now as 13 years ago as I was living in Broom near the Paspaley pearl farm and couldn't afford any as I was a poorly back packing student and always thought someday I'd get my mum something special one day as she has had a love for pearls ever since I can remember.
You have really done your research and we are all the better educated for it. Thanks! Now you go out and get your mom's present!
Thanks Caitlin, cold sweats here for RAK vs Bahrain pearls, Natural vs SS :)
Decisions, decisions....

Are you definitely going for a bracelet? I suppose that's the first decision!
Thanks Amanda, a bracelet is within budget and very easy to wear so bracelet first and possibly earrings to match.

Did you get a chance to see the Lulu Ati (translated means "my pearl" ) Facebook page as there is a full collection of jewellery on there from Rak pearls. Some lovely items.

No, I missed that. Do you have a link?

I like bracelets, too - you can see your pearls, then! With a necklace, you can't always get the full glory yourself (-:

There you go Amanda - this is the official RAK Pearls facebook page for the jewellery created from it.

This seems to be the official brand they are creating.

I have to say I love the name Luli Ati meaning my pearl.

I had a thought on Gulf pearls and was thinking about Socotra island - meant to be an amazing place and untouched for years.
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On that note has anyone ever heard of pearls coming from Yemen or the West coast of Saudi (on the red sea)? thanks
Thank you! I liked the page. It is so heartening to see this happening. I have always loved the natural pearls the best, but in this day and age I am absolutely delighted to see the Persian Gulf pearl (Pinctada radiata) being cultured! I eagerly await more posts on FB and more informtionin general although the video on the main page was great.:cool:
Some of the pieces are quite interesting and look forward to seeing them become more mainstream and possibly even a boutique open up.
Happy to report my mother adored her pearls for her 60th birthday and brought back many happy memories of when she was a girl playing with her mum's pearls so mission accomplished.
I've still very got much the pearl fever and look forward to exploring more into this fascinating world.
Just a quick a note to say thank you to all for all your incredible advice. Best wishes
....she's still talking about them and showing off her pearls "from Dubai" to her friends back home in Co. Antrim!
Yeaaaaaa! Thank you for letting us influence you to learn a lot more before you picked! We learned so much from you!
You are all magic and thanks again for helping me mark this great occasion for my lovely mum.
Now I have a set the bar to high and will have to start saving for her 70th in ten years time!

On an interesting side bar Mr Jayesh Jhaveri (is it just me or is that surname coming up alot in this forum???) had mentioned he sometimes comes across "distress" pieces from customers who have say came into hard times here in Dubai and need to sell their wares. It's illegal to have debt here in Dubai - illegal in the sense if you have a loan (any) and lose your job the bank writes to the courts and the courts chase you until you pay or go to debtors jail - hence there are so many cars and wares for sale in this town. Sad and little opportunistic but offers a plethora of interesting things to be had if you are a careful shopper, as you know I am.

He mentioned that a Cartier 1950's piece of jewellery might be coming for sale made with diamonds and GNP's from a Christies auction in Geneva as he has a contact there - and I believe that as he was well connected to the pearl wholesale business.

Sounds like an interesting part 2 to my plan and I can feel a trip to Bur Dubai happening again.

Still can't believe I am the only Dubai based pearl loving expat on this though...

Yeaaaaaa! Thank you for letting us influence you to learn a lot more before you picked! We learned so much from you!
Hi Donzi, I'm re-reading threads you started to find your Mom's bracelet...can you help me find the pic of it? Thanks