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Apr 7, 2021
I've been having trouble with FedEx deliveries from Sea of Cortez Pearls and Pearl Paradise, and I'm wondering if it's a local thing or whether it's more widespread. (I apologize in advance for the rather long rant...)

I was due to receive packages via FedEx from both Sea of Cortez and Pearl Paradise on the same day earlier this month; both required signatures. So I patiently sat waiting most of the day for FedEx to show up. I had a Zoom meeting early in the evening but I sat where I could be seen from the door. After the Zoom meeting, I noticed that FedEx had left a tag on the door indicating they tried to deliver the package and would try again the next day. Frustrating but not really FedEx's fault as I know our doorbell doesn't always work. So, I received an email the next morning saying the packages were on the truck and would be delivered within a five hour window. This time I put a note on the door requesting that they knock. I sat at home, by the door, for this time window. It comes and goes, but no delivery. I checked the tracking number online and see that the package has been returned to the local FedEx facility; no explanation given. I called FedEx, they apologized and said it would be sent out the next day. So...I sat at home, by the door for a good part of the third day. The packages are finally delivered. The outer envelope of the Sea of Cortez shipment was dirty and the boxes inside the envelope had been opened. Fortunately, both items were fine. The Pearl Paradise package looked fine outside and in.

Last week I placed another order with Sea of Cortez. This morning I received an email from FedEx and Sea of Cortez saying that the package was out for delivery. I waited by the door for most of the day and evening. I checked the tracking number online around the time the delivery window expired...and see that the darn package was returned to the facility with no attempt at delivery! Not only that, but I can see that the package has been at the local FedEx facility for SIX days before they even attempted to deliver it. I called FedEx; the rep says they didn't put it out for delivery earlier because it" wasn't due to be delivered" before today? And he says that perhaps it was returned today without a delivery attempt because it is from Mexico and maybe they need to check it!? Huh?!

So, it looks like I'll be spending tomorrow by the door waiting for FedEx again.

Ok...done with my rant. Anyone else having problems with FedEx?
Yikes.. that is definitely annoying. I haven't had any issues lately.
That sounds like local disorganisation. I've had shipments from Hong Kong via Fedex arrive on the morning of the third day after shipment.
Maybe try to get shipping with DHL instead. It is my impression they have a better reputation in Europe.
Just received an email from FedEx saying the package is on the truck and will be delivered by 8 pm today. (Same message as yesterday.) It's 9 am right now, so I will stay home again today, by the door, waiting for up to 11 hours so I can sign for the package.

Sorry to be a big, whiny baby about this...but I want my pearls! :01:
I don't know what to say about this except to share what I've seen happening down here and as a customer (not the shipper). Amazon used FedEx for about the first half of 2020 when we were all under complete lockdown. I don't think I've ever had this many online purchases and packages arriving weekly! Amazon became my main source since I would even buy vitamins and spices from them...then I get this email from Amazon telling me they are no longer using FedEx due to issues with their services. That was about it, and I have not received any packages from them ever since.
Due to the pandemic (still ongoing) many shippers are experiencing a massive services demand, and they are not able to cope with them.
Of course, Douglas, the issue Amazon had with Fedex might be that the price went up...
I can't fault fedex into the UK from Hong Kong. Last month one package took two days!
LOL @pearlescensce price hikes should do it! Major issue!
And wow...2 days from HK to UK! Amazing!
I used to ship from Guaymas, Mexico, to let's say...Phoenix, Arizona, and it is a 8-10 hour drive if you grab your car...but it would take up to 9 days for FedEx! So, it might depend on customs and the place where shipping centers are located.
The package arrived 30 minutes ago...only had to wait around 5 hours today. :)

Well worth the wait, though. I've wanted one of Sheri's octopi (octopuses? octopodes?) since seeing a few on this forum. The pearl has a beautiful, almost iridescent luster and seems the perfect shape for the octopus' head.

The ring is a spinner ring...the outer rim of daisies spins around the pearl. Daisies have a special meaning for me so I was delighted to see this offered. The mabe pearl has a silvery-blue cast to it with a bit of iridescence, too.

I do think the FedEx issue must have been local. I placed the order on April 24 and it arrived in my upper midwestern US small city a mere 4 days later. And then it sat at the local facility for 5 days before the first delivery attempt, presumably because it had been shipped economy and delivering it any sooner would have been...too soon.

But I also wonder if the delay yesterday had anything to do with customs. There were two labels on the package saying "DO NOT DELIVER UNTIL CLEARED BY CUSTOMS" but there was no indication that it actually did go through customs. Perhaps the driver saw that and thought it couldn't be delivered? Who knows!?

But thank you all for you input and sympathy...I knew you would understand my impatience.


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Sounds like an idea! Why deliver it fast...if they don't pay for fast?!?!?
Nice pieces! I've always loved Sheri's Octopi :D
I can see why you were impatient ... FedEx having custody of Sheri's pieces would send me out driving the streets chasing the truck :). I've had my share of awful experiences with FedEx, especially Ground services, which are awful here. They were constructing a huge new warehouse. So they arbitrarily closed the smaller older warehouse, and were trying to deliver from a warehouse 3 hours away! Guess what? Every driver wrote "Attempted delivery, failed", never stopped at my house, and drove back to the other city. Didn't get resolved till long after that new warehouse opened. And oh, yes, they will NEVER deliver one day early here ... never. Sigh. DHL was the worst for me though; this past year. Nice little package of pearls from our friend Cees, DHL held for "duty due ransom" after clearing NYC customs (no mean feat in itself!) ... only that package met all the criteria for no duty due. I challenged, and they released it 2 days later with no duty due ... I sat by the front door LOL. Vent all you like TriciaS; we know the feeling :)
So annoying !!! I feel for you guys ! I am stuck using DHL for anything expensive and international. As our borders have been locked down for a year there are very very few flights and very very limited destinations. Therefore if I mail using Australia Post , it leaves Adelaide after two days, then goes to Melbourne for anywhere from 10 -16 days while it waits for a spot on a plane. Then to America where is goes through LAX , usually 3 days then across the country for another 4 days. If I send DHL at a minimum cost of 85$ it arrives at the East Coast in 7 days.

Fed Ex isn't ever a possibility as its a minimum of 125$ without insurance.
FedEx has been horrible, in my experience, for the last 20 years. Thankfully most packages I receive where they are involved get transferred over to USPS locally for home delivery. However, items sit in the FedEx facility up to 5 days before they get over it to the USPS facility 10 miles away.
FedEx has been horrible, in my experience, for the last 20 years. Thankfully most packages I receive where they are involved get transferred over to USPS locally for home delivery. However, items sit in the FedEx facility up to 5 days before they get over it to the USPS facility 10 miles away.

Exactly ! That drives me crazy . They hold them for days and then send them to Australia Post who then has to 'process' them and after several days will deliver. Grrrrrrrr Easily takes a week. And if you have paid for express.......
Dear lord, the issues with FedEx! I had a package from India which arrived with a $100 customs duty (the value was less than $800, they were unset gemstones which should enter duty free, btw) FedEx wanted a $75 fee to challenge the duty?!?!?!? But the very worst is the FedEx parcel that's been sitting in customs clearance for 5 months!
Aargh! :aargh4:
That would do it for me...I once had a package sitting at customs for just one month! And then they "lost it"!!! It was gold settings of course.
Catching up on some old threads…so glad to see one of my little octos successfully made it to his new home!

Hey! Great to see you back la_corsetiere :D
Will we see you next october at San Francisco?