Well another great experience with Pearl Paradise.


Dec 19, 2019
So I ordered a pair of Tahitian pearl and diamond dangle earrings for the wife from a shop since they emailed a discount 2 weeks ago. They arrived quickly but I opened the package and they were the wrong earrings. While I was waiting to hear back from them about returning them, I checked where I had bought her necklace and it was Pearl Paradise. I contacted them and they had the same earrings available and would match the pearl color as best they could to the necklace pictures they had in my file. Received them very quickly. They match very well.

Tahitian pearl strand

Tahitian and diamond pearl earrings
They do look beautiful. I hope that your wife is pleased with her gift, I think she will. The necklace looks great with those earrings.
Great Xmas Gift! :cool:
Happy Holidays!
What a lovely set! Perfect match and your wife is one lucky lady!