Fake ebay Mikimoto’s? “Vintage 14K M clasp”??

Thanks everyone! The seller did end up sending me two photos of the back of the clasp but I still didn’t pay because I’m a bit uncomfortable. I sent an email to Mikimoto and tried their customer service line but nobody picked up; I probably called too late/after hours so I’ll have to try again!

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I have several Mikimoto necklaces from vintage to modern. Just checked the hallmarks and even the vintage ones have the M hallmark that looks like yours. But the engravement of the metal purity is a bit clearer than yours too. I think those 750 ones might use a different font with the M.
I have 2 Mikimoto clasps from my mother's double strand of AA Mikimoto pearls. She had both strands restrung on a double clasp. I have the original single clasps. My sister got the pearls. I got the clasps. Sigh.

The clasps are marked 750, which is 18K gold.

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Photo quality of your photos does not allow me to see enough detail in the clasp. But to me, the M is the wrong shape. The outer legs angle out, whereas the M on my clasp are vertical. The number is not 750. The back of your clasp is not the same shape, and there are no horizontal bars on the back of your clasp. I can't see enough detail on the face of the clasp to see if the carving is the same, but I suspect they took more trouble with getting the front right.

I took a couple more photos with a US quarter since that is what they are using for scale.

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My clasp looks slightly larger than your clasp.

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I would recommend you talk to Mikimoto. I know they used to use silver clasps originally, but I thought they when they switched to gold, that they used 18K only.

Here's a link to Ruby Lane's Mikimoto pearls. The sellers show the fronts and backs of the different clasps. It's good to look just to compare the different clasps they used over the years.

I checked my Mikimoto necklaces just now. Honestly speaking I am very nervous right now but I found that all my Mikimoto necklaces (I do not have a 750 clasp one, only the silver clasps) have the M font different than yours. I doubt that the vintage one's clasp is fake, I think maybe the 750 series uses a different font. Appalled that Mikimoto also has fakes. It is so not worth it considering that good quality pearls are expensive themselves.
OK, to follow up, I tested mine and their quality stands. I do not have a 750 clasp one but both my vintage necklace and modern necklace by Mikimoto have that kind of font that is different from the 750 series. I also found that my floating pearl necklace by Mikimoto uses 14K gold (I purchased directly from Japan).

When searching online, I found someone who restrung their necklace at Mikimoto boutique store and the store's service document has 14K as one of the options. There are also many 14K gold clasps on the market when I did my research, and they tend to be the modern ones, so I think Mikimoto definitely uses 14K gold today--- just that the boutique store has way more styles than they have online. They even sell freshwater pearls and rice pearls these days. American pearl collectors should be updated about these changes.

However, I think the Etsy/Ebay seller from China is still problematic because the material label was not clear at all, so if it is a fake, I will not be surprised.