Extraordinary South Sea white round 17-20.20 mm strand

So at this level it comes down to quality and source.

What is the degree of blemishes? (Most of these large SSP's have quite a few more blemishes than say Akoyas).

Secondly where was the source? Paspaleys are worth more than no-name Australians, and they're worth more than no-name Indonesian or Philippines.

I would say for no specified origin, very few blemishes, round to nearly round, thick nacre, silver overtones, USD$12,000 cash wholesale.

With that buy price you'd probably want to retail for USD$30k plus with a quality 18k gold & 1 CTW diamond clasp.

On PearlParadise an 18-inch AA+/AAA 11.5-14.5 mm White South Sea Round Pearl Necklace is $14k vs a quoted retail of $42k.

Of course yours are quite a bit bigger pearls so its down to whatever premium you might obtain from a grateful customer.
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Interesting theory Kiwipaul but in general you are right. These ones are Australians. Yes there are some blemishes, if not the price would be a lot higher. The luster is not bad and the pearls are round. I am a wholesaler so you can see that the margin is not going to me but the retailer who buys a strand like this.
Thanks for the pics Cees. That's is one very nice necklace.
Hi Cees

Understand you may not want to disclose your buy price, however I'd love to know what your wholesale sell price is.

Thought you might like to see my recent buy on the secondhand market.

We've always wanted a strand of nice big SSP's so a couple of months ago I started hunting on eBay, and found these almost straight away.
It was a terrible listing, the seller made a real hash of describing them, with bad pics and in a stupid category.

These are a 17inch strand of 15.3mm to 11.5mm SSP's, silver overtones, round to near round, lightly blemished, thick nacre.
The ball clasp is 10mm 18k WG with 80 diamonds TDW1.0ct, I won the auction with a last minute bid of USD$1,376.00.

I thought it was a bargain, and my wife loves wearing them, she says they're so big most people probably think they're fake!

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That is an amazing find/buy! Lucky lucky wife! (And lucky you to be able to see this strand on her neck!)
Kiwipaul u have been very lucky to win a strand like that.
As for my strand, I never saw a strand starting with 17 mm round South Sea pearls and then going to 20.20 mm. I also was happy with the quality of the pearls, the luster and of course you find minor blemishes otherwise the strand would be tenfold in price. But the strand can go for US $ 15,995.=. Which is very very good value.
Hi all and Cees

Thanks for the compliments on our SSP's, and of course they were a real bargain, perfect for me since I'm a bargain hunter.

Cees, thanks for advising your sell price. I agree they are extraordinary.

In fact the the biggest SSP's I've ever seen, and for that reason your price seems very, very reasonable.

A retailer or designer with a wealthy clientele should be able to turn a pretty profit from exceptional pearls like yours.

One of my favorite styles is the diamond spacer look, something like this:


It is actually a classic look going back to Marilyn's time (sorry the pic is not the best).


It seems to me that having got such an exceptional strand there must be a way for you to add some more value, and achieve more that just your wholesaler's margin!

PS. I just realized that because I have a Live Auctioneers account I can see prices, which a guest cannot see, here's the info:

Description: South Sea Pearl Necklace with Diamond Clasp and Spacers

An 18K cultured South Sea pearl and diamond spacer and clasp strand, containing 29 pearls measuring approximately 13.1mm-17.4mm in diameter with a total count of 542 round brilliant-cut diamonds in the clasp and spacers weighing approximately 6.700cts. Measures 19.75 inches.

Buyer's Premium - An additional service charge for which the buyer is responsible, to be added to the price of the item.
20% up to 200,000
15% above 200,001
Estimate $14,000 – $16,000
Starting Bid $13,000

Live Auction Started On
Us Auction 7:00 AM - Mar 29, 2012
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Great find and absolute bargain, as a diamond ball clasp with 1ct of diamonds can cost more than 1.3k USD alone!!!

DK :)