Do these look Authentic Mikimoto?

Saw this listing on Ebay. Do these look Authentic Mikimoto? Thinking of buying these...

Hi, they don't have the sharp luster I would expect. There are more practiced eyes than mine, but I am not seeing it. Maybe it's the lighting. The papers simply say "client declared Mikimoto", which is not strong proof. You could have them authenticated by Mikimoto upon receipt, but that sounds like a rabbit hole, money and what if they're not. Look around this site and others and you can see some Mikimoto strands. They are awe inspiring.
The report's grade (AAA) seems suspect.

The report is recent, dated 12/22/23, and states that "The MSRP ...value is the value stated by the manufacturer themselves." The value given on the report for this supposedly-AAA necklace is $11,450. Yet on the Mikimoto website currently, an 18" 7.5-8.0mm necklace grade A+ is listed at $13,000. The necklace you are looking at is 17". If it is Mikimoto, it could not be a higher grade than A+, at that MSRP.

This seller does not accept returns. If you don't like their condition or luster when you get them, you can't return them.
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The pearls are also photographed on a black background and what seems to be strong light (not indirect light) so this makes it difficult to obtain color and luster accurate photos.
I would skip it if returns are not possible.