Advice please - Are these genuine Mikimoto pearls?


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Oct 18, 2005
Can anyone please let me know if these are genuine Mikimoto pearls? These are on ebay. It is item number: 120814485961

I have Mikimoto pearls, but all the pearls I own have a more rose-tone. There are also three items that bother me:

1) The box is a red box. I am assuming these are purchased pre 1970 or so as all my boxes are blue. Do you think the red box is authentic? (I only started purchasing Mikimoto since 1990s, so I don't have any knowledge of older pieces).

2) On my pearls, my necklaces have the Miki clasp, but they also have a "M" charm that dangles after the 3rd pearl from the clasp. This strand does not have it.

3) The last item is the clasp. The clasp and hallmark look genuine. However, the opening is on the opposited side as mine. Mine "opens" to the right. That is, you separate the pearl from the clasp on the right, so when the pearls are laid out straight and not clasped and you are looking at the M hallmark, the strand of pearls attached are to the left. In the ebay listing, the third photo shows the pearls would be on the "right". Does that bother anyone? Perhaps how they string it is random, but I would think Mikimoto is all about precision so ALL strands should open the same way.

The listing does not contain much information. However, I have asked the seller approximately how old these pearls are, what is their Mikimoto grade quality (e.g. A1, A, A+, etc).

If you have any insight, I would appreciate it. I know these are very specific questions and may seem a bit nit picky, but I would rather purchase Mikimotos new from an authorized dealer and pay full price rather than to get cheap fakes. Mikis are truly beautiful.

Thank you very much.
Hi Willeyi,

Agree with you that there is very little info, and hope the seller can provide more. Miki provided a romance card on which the grade could be written. I worked for Nordstrom Fine Jewelry in the early to mid 90's and we sold Mikis. I owned stud earrings and they were in a red box. Sorry, I don't specifically recall the "M" by the clasp on necklaces.

As for how the clasp is attached, it is possible that the strand was restrung in the past and reversed at that time.

Good luck, and proceed with caution. You might just make them an offer-who knows if they will get any bids at this starting price.
This is a (in my opinion) huge price tag for something you are not sure on. I am not much of a brand buyer and have never seen Mikis. So I cannot juge on their quality. But I would never, ever, spend that much money, especially on ebay, without the ability of returning the item for a full refund.
The box and the clasp appear to be the real deal, the problem is verifying that the pearls are indeed the original pearls since pearl strands get restrung all the time. The pearls are nice and could very well be the originals, there is just no way to know for sure. In the end its best to look at the quality of the pearls not the brand name of the clasp. If you feel that price is fair for the quality of pearls then its a good purchase. If you need them to be Authentic Mikimoto for you be comfortable with the purchase then maybe a little more research is needed.

Please give us an update if you do purchase the piece.
There were many companies at the Hong Kong show in september selling mostly white round akoya pearls. A lot of them looked bored for much of the time. If you want the brand (and the M in a shell is a brand mark not a hallmark since it hasn't been assayed at Goldsmith's hall in London) (yes I know pedantic) then consider this against a purchase of new etc etc, but if you want white akoyas with a nice clasp, there will be many cheaper but equivalent options about.
If the brand thing is important to you then you shoujld do some research, since we cannot really post information on which you might rely for your purchasing decision.
Hello everyone, Thank you for your input, and I'm reporting back on my decision. I have decided not to bid on these pearls, and this was due to all our input.
All your comments were great and got me thinking. Then, Wendy... your comment sealed it for me. I had just zoomed in on what if the clasp is fake, but had not really considered the pearls (I know, not smart). I commented this strand was not as rose-toned as mine (I have a necklace and studs, both 8.5mm-8.0mm) and both have that rose tone and glow. The ebay picture doesn't have that (even though the seller says they are A+, mine are A+ so I would think they would be similar). I didn't give it much thought as I knew all pearls have slightly different coloring... but your comment about white akoyas really made me think.

Add to that... the clasp is backwards which bugs me. I looked at my necklace to see if the clasp could be re-strung backwards and it can't (even had my husband double check!). Looking at the logo straight on, the "loop" on the filigree clasp that connects to the pearls is on the left side and the opening for the hook is on the right side. The other "loop" that connects the other side of the pearl strand is actually on the hook, not the clasp. So, it is not possible to restring it backwards. Although, it may be possible Mikimoto stamps these clasps at random, but I would think a company like Mikimoto is all about precision. And then there's the missing "M" charm. That part really bugs me. I know, it's only a charm, and many old Mikis don't have charms. But the seller said they were only 5 years old. Anyway, too many "ifs" for me to wonder if I have a fake strand.

Ramona... you are spot on... it is a lot to pay for a generic strand of pearls even if they are great quality and worth it. My priority is to own authentic Mikis (vs. getting a good deal), so I have decided to pass.

Thank you all very much for you help... Happy Thanksgiving!

P.S. I expect all of you know this, but just in case, if you are ever interested in purchasing Mikis, getting them in Carribean is the way to go. You can save a lot of money. The store must be an authorized dealer though, otherwise, I think you could get scammed big time. You can check on the Miki website as they list all their authorized dealers. I went a bit overboard and actually called Mikimoto to verify that the stores I wanted to visit were still authorized (just in case they got un-authorized and the website was not updated). The selection is not as great as in the U.S. stores, but you can call ahead and they will try to get you the pearls (length, quality) you are looking for.
I just rated this thread "Excellent" Thanks for a great must read if you are researching mikis on eBay. I don't know how many people would have noticed the reversed clasp!

Good going, both of you!!!
Dear Willeyi,

I think you made a good decision. One more thing that would concern me is that there is no proof of purchase or certificate (I don't know whether Mikis come with that). If the pearls are only 5 years old, I would wonder why this would not be available. Particularly as these pearls are priced so high.

Yes, that was another reason as well... the certificate! Ramona, you are absolutely correct... Mikis do come with a certificate (more like a little brochure/pamphlet) and this ebay listing didn't have that either. And, while I am being nit picky about the ebay listing (smile), another odd point is the red box... if the pearls are only 5 years old, how come the box is the red clamshell and not the blue box? The red box is an older packaging. The current packaging is a blue box with a blue felt holder with tie strings. So... too many "ifs".

I think I drove my husband insane over the past several days debating if I should bid. I feel better now that I made my decision.

Thank you!