"Mikimoto" pearl jewelry on ebay

Oh, that earring! lol!

I know...might just buy them to get that earring with the drill hole on the side!!!!
Shows real quality...I can peak inside & look at the nacre thickness!!!

Wait don;t need to peek..I can see the nacre in the drill hole...actually its not bad thickness & probably an older pearl but who makes earrings with drill holes visible on the side. Likely they are full drilled & other side has one too.

He's selling 2 other miki strands with same box unless he;s using the one box to display them all////:confused: Looks like different boses as pearl impressions/,]marks in silk top cover appear different...
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Took a look at the original silver pearl pendant.

Miki here sells as low as A- so could set A- pearls in silver. Mikis A's look better than those pearls but then again pearls loose alot in photos. I never seem to be able to accurately take photos of pearls true color & luster.

I noticed the chain bears SIL mark while the pendant has the S in the square box. Odd since its a unremoveable chain it had to have come with the necklace...Just odd Miki would label chains SIL & then label the pendant with the old S in a square box.

I don;t know boxes other than my 2005 but they looked like that but were more detailed in color & had purple. Box just looks flat but then again they change boxes & could be the photo.

These days its just so hard to be sure of anything Miki or Tiffany unless you know what the quality looks like as you can't trust Tiffany marks or even gold marks...All can be faked. If it has the quality & is made of real platinum then you may have scored a winner as fakes are not going to be costly gold or platinum. Silver is cheap so they could be copies.

Could walk in China town in NYC & pass lots of Rolexes. Do they really think all those Rolexes on the sidewalk are real but just slipped into these people hands?

Designer everything knockoffs for those who want it to look like they have a status symbol but are just showing they really don;t know what the originals look like & it is hard to tell unless you are familar with the fine points...Thought I had a few fake things in my life...There is quality to highend products that justifies the price but its the quality we should strive for not the name/...
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