Design and Win a Natural Abalone Pearl

Congratulations KauaiAnne - I wonder if that is the good karma that was coming your way....? Fun design and it will be fun to see it come to fruition! Well done!
If I could vote, then Claudenancy would get my vote! Such beautiful, design. Really reminds me of the nature we have around us.

Either that or I'd vote for one of those cute critter designs. : )
Oh my! I've been traveling and I just checked this thread. This was fun! I choose the blue pearl even though I like pistachio ice cream better. Won't it be fun to see it done up! I promise photos.
Congratulations, KauaiAnne! Let's celebrate by eating ice cream!

NZFP, that was a fun contest! Thanks for cooking that up. :)
Congratulations, KauaiAnne! That is a great design! A bit too cold for icecream here, though..
Best regards, Sven
Caitlin, for a minute I didn't get the orientation of your ring, but I think I have it now! the little lobe of the pearl is over your knuckle, and the larger follows the line of your finger? I think I remember rings of that nature when I was little. Cool!

I wonder how long it takes to get used to the vision of a pearl like that on your hand? If I had a ring like that I'd spend a lot of time gazing at it and changing the orient and contemplating my metaphysical navel...I'd never get anything done. Nicely simple showcase for a gorgeous object.

You guys blow me away with your creativity, and I recommend this site whenever I can, and exclaim about the creative, multi-talented members. Peacocks, bugs, blossoms, ice-cream, mathematics, cages, fat birds, snowmen... what a bunch!

Awesome, all of you!
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Kauai Anne -- whimsical, fanciful, cool and delicious! Congratulations!