Design and Win a Natural Abalone Pearl

New Zealand Natural Pearl

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May 4, 2008
We enjoy new designs and new ideas.
Here are two Natural Abalone Pearls.
We would love designs for these, either ring or pendant.
The winner - can choose one of these two pearls.
As the Forum is full of people from around the world just
IMAGINE what you all could come up with.
What fun we could have - Here is your chance of
filling a fantasy of owning a NATURAL pearl at no cost-
but imagination.
Competition - Forum.jpg
P.S. Rob and I are the Judges
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OOOOOH! boggle boggle boggle....(thats my little brain working overtime) That blue one is particularly delicious.
Stunning pearls. Can we have 3D measurements please?
So cute- they look like a mommy and baby ;)

Can more than one design be submitted?
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Our Brief was to "DESIGN" with no restriction.

Any medium can be used with whatever,.i.e gold,
platinum ,diamonds, steel,copper, plastic - whatever you like - dont
put any restrictions on yourself and show what flair exists within.
As many entries as you like.
Dont get hung up about anything - that is what design is about.
It is simple - Do what you want.
The thickness is - blue pearl 4.5mm the greeny

How about those " Connoisseurs on the Forum " sharpen their pencils
and create a great design!!!!!
I was just wondering about this post. I guess I'd better get busy! ;)
Thanks for the opportunity to participate. Because of time differences, I am submitting mine before leaving town on Saturday.

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No kidding! I've been totally swamped over the Holidays and haven't even had time to think, much less draw! Oh dear. :(
OK everyone - I will go first. I did these way back when this was announced but admittedly did not pull the technology aspect together to post jpgs until now.

The ring:
I couldn't help but pick up on the vocabulary already used in NZ Natural's jewelry. The ring uses mixed metals with the gold "kelp" providing structure for a faux bezel and to pick up on the form of the pearl - this also provides a location for a through-drilled peg should that be necessary for stability. The shank is intentionally left open under the pearl to lift the pearl off and away from the finger and allow for more of the beautiful surface color to be seen.

The pendant:
This could be either a pendant or brooch which converts to a pendant. The intention is to let the pearls sit next to each other, with the outlines articulated with a gold wire/faux bezel which forms a loose "yin yang" form complete with a small ball at the end of each curve to reference the dot sometimes drawn in the graphic. The variations in size and shape between the pearls is intended as a beautiful part of the design, not something to be covered up with the gold wire. The assumption is to attach the pearls via a pragmatic peg through the back disc of metal which is, itself, layered on top of a basalt disc. This would sit well on a choker length chain or leather necklace, with a modified fitting for a bolo tie or as a brooch.

CAVEAT: I'm a total armchair designer...can't wait to see what the experts come up with.


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It is obvious that the competition is going to be very stiff.:eek: What creative design-wow!
OK, I am the next one: a ring with an art-nouveau flavour.

In this ring one of the two pearls (the blue or the green one) can be used.
The ring itself is to be made of white gold or silver and its body looks tripple.
The pearl is surrounded by a narrow line of yellow gold (or is 'embedded' into yellow gold).
It also has 'wings' of yellow gold with 3 small diamonds in it on each side (in case of silver it can be tiny white pearls).
All this emphasizes the beauty of the pearl and gives the ring a classic but still playful and unusual look.

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Olga, I love your first design - but not the bug, (second drawing)...... which makes it kitschy. That being said, I'm sure that there will be demand for that one too.

As you said, it is classy with a wink. I love the play of colors and shapes.
Nora thanks! I was also just looking and thinking that I don't like the second one and should better remove it - off it goes...
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