Dave's (Lagoon Island Pearls) Adventure Pendants!


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Sep 6, 2015
Hi Ladies!

Have you seen Dave's Adventure Pendant posted on his FB page? I know some of you have already seen it, but thought I'd share it here anyhow.

Here's Dave's description on FB:
"Each pendant contains rare natural pearls from Pacific waters, rare hand picked botryoidal nephrite jade from my mine in the Southern Chilcotin Mountains of BC, hand panned gold nuggets from wild BC rivers and hand picked amethyst crystals from Northern Ontario. Take a little bit of my adventures wherever you go."

I loved the idea and jumped on it and ordered one already, will share pics when the pendant arrives!
18209310_10154321798196856_3360150376077245312_o 2.jpg
Could you please post a link to order them? I am not on Facebook (heresy, I know!).
Me x 2 :) ,,, one all pearls, one Dave's choice of mixed treasures ... any bets I lose the mixed treasures one to a certain young grandson/s window? They are small, and I love that. What a brilliant way to capture all those tiny treasures for our pleasure? Well done, Dave!
I agree Cathy! These portable treasure chests look adorable!! All these teeny tiny natural pearls! I ordered 2 vials as well! And I expect a certain youngster to be extra curious about this!
Just a word of caution-- fragile glass vials may be unsuitable for young children.
Good caution, Pearl Dreams. My grandson will be 10 in June, uses a woodburner, has a set of woodcarving tools and uses them, a pocket knife and more ... well supervised of course. My daughter is brave, but not dumb lol. He'll be okay with a glass vial; which yes, he might break, but then so might I :) Certainly wouldn't recommend for a toddler.
Super cool stuff!
A lot of people read P-G who are not members. At this moment there are 220 users online, of whom only 8 are members.
My caution was directed to our readers in general, because I realize many readers may want to buy these for kids. :)