Dave's (Lagoon Island Pearls) Adventure Pendants!

The "brandy bottle" shape is quite strong, but like any glass they can break. I'd recommend they be worn on shorter strings so they'll not swing around and contact hard surfaces. The flat profile brings the contents into view much better than round vials which have much thinner glass.

The challenge for Cathy's grandson will be to find the tiny faceted ruby I slipped in with the pearls, jade, amethyst and gold. ;)

My stash of gold flakes and nuggets is running low, but I'll pan more this summer. Next week, I'll be at the amethyst mine in Pearl, Ontario. Yes, you read that right. Among other haunts I go to Amethyst Point for pearls, Gold Bridge for jade, Royal Jade Creek for gold and Pearl for amethyst. :cool:


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We're up for that challenge, Dave ... we'll take photos !

Always best to be cautious, Pearl Dreams; completely understand. Interesting statistic on who's online, too :)
Thanks again Pearl Dreams, completely understand-we don't want to take safety for granted.

Cathy, how fun for your grandson!

Dave, you live in a fascinating part of the world, so many luscious gems nearby!
I want to order a vial! Do I just send paypal?