Conch Pearl Mystery


Natural Pearl Lover
Oct 11, 2012
Just saw this listing on ebay today, stating that this is a conch pearl. I don't think it is (lines going across makes me think it's a hunk of polished shell), but what do you all think?

If there isn't already one, we should create a thread for "clueless ebay seller of pearl" ;-)
Conch pearl ! seriously ? even a young spat like me can tell !
That looks pretty good compared to this coral bead that apparently was "repaired". :)
This is a good example of the fibrous structure.

Calcareous Coral 1.jpg
I questioned the seller about "testing" and got a fast response, fyi:

"Hi Pattye,

Thanks for your interest in the pearl shirt stud. I have a close friend who works at The Royal Ontario Museum who had the pearl checked by Mineralogy Department, I believe he had it x-rayed and we where told that it was a conch pearl. I hope this will assist you.

Kind regards,
Joseph "
Thanks for asking, Pattye! There is a dark spot showing the central canal and the lines are radially symmetrical around the canal. These are not features found in Conch pearls, which form by building concentric layers. X-ray should have shown the canal structure. Apparently, the "mineralogy department" doesn't have the expertise in organic structures to claim that this is a conch pearl. If you ask to see something in writing from the department, I am sure that claim will evaporate. :)