Chinese Pearl Farming Update for 2021

From our friends in China, unable to post the information directly due to Pearl-Guide being actively blocked in this Asian country:
Pearling News:
The Chinese Government is PROHIBITING businessmen to CONTINUE TO invest in freshwater pearl farming in lakes, river upper from this year onwards.

Freshwater pearl farms on lakes and rivers are to gradually become dismantled in order clean this valuable resource UNPOLLUTED.

Freshwater pearl farms have been cut down to just one hundred, from an original number of one thousand farms. Therefore, production of freshwater pearls will become much smaller in the years to come.

However, Akoya, Mabe and south sea pearl farms are being encouraged to grow.

Vigor He
Bigwell Cultured Pearls
Minsheng Import & Export Co.,Ltd

NOTE: I edited the text a bit for clarification, but more relevantly, we have a couple of questions

1. What will this mean for the availability of freshwater pearls?
2. If saltwater pearl production increases dramatically, what will this mean for pearl productions elsewhere?

Interesting times...
FWP - Tucson 2014 - Fireball (2).JPG - Large baroque freshwater pearl from China