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May 31, 2006
We harvested 70 kilograms of Akoya pearls on Weizhou Island,Beihai in January 2023.
But these pearls have been just finished treating thru bleaching,polishing,sorting,graduated already.High temperature bleaching.
Their nacre is apparently not as thick as Japanese counterpart.But their lustre becomes brighter. Size 5-5.5mm
5.5-6mm;6-6.5mm are our current targets to thicken nacre.Up one 7mm in diameter of freshwater shell nucleus in which is put into an Akoya oyster failed to transform a thick-nacre Akoya pearl after 12-month growth.
Some Farmers in South China used to anxiously harvest their Akoya pearls only it took 7 months for the nucleus-grafted to grow because of temptation and Typhoon threats. Obviously proportion of qualified Akoya pearls that were accepted by developed nations was lower.
First come,first serve. Who is interested in our half-drilled Akoya pearls?
Those who are serious to do pearl business
are invited to visit our pearl farms on appointments.
See the pictures attached pls.

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Vigor He

Bigwell Cultured Pearls
Minsheng Import & Export Co.,Ltd

130 Kaijiang Village,Nanzhu Avenue, Gaode Community,Haicheng District,Beihai,Guangxi,China


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