Bought my first Tahitians - Question about correct thread weight


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Oct 18, 2019
Hi all,

I just bought my first three strands of slightly baroque Tahitian pearls and would like to string them into an endless rope.

The size of the drill hole is 0.8mm and the seller recommended size E silk thread.

I would like to use the Beaders Secret thread in "Fuchsia" or "Fiesta" as a contrast do the dark greenish and peacock pearls, but I am at a total loss with regard to which thread weight will be the correct one to use and was not able to find any helpful explanations detailing on thread weight and diameter online.

Any advise on the thread weight as well as tips for stringing an endless rope will be highly appreciated.

I have used the medium weight (#30) Serafil from Pattye on pearls with that size hole, which is a common size.

I wrote a post about how to make an endless strand in my stringing tutorial, here:

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I also use Pattye's Serafil thread #30 successfully with 0.8mm drill holes. I would recommend contacting Pattye @
She is wonderful to deal with, honest and very helpful. Good luck with your project!
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Thank you Pearl Dreams and Marianne for sharing your experience.

@ Pearl Dreams: Your tutorial is exactly what I had been looking for :eek:)

I have contacted Pattye and have now figured out which thread to use. Photos of the result will follow with the next few weeks.