Are Pistachio and Chocolate SSPs dyed/color treated?


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Jan 6, 2023
Good day everyone!

I tried searching about these, but I couldn't find much.
Im here in the Philippines, and I've noticed that there are alot of Pistachio and Chocolate SSPs, and even dark "black" ones that are advertised as tahitian..

I have a couple of Jewelmer pendants, and a lot of white freshwater pearls, and a pair of purple freshwater studs, and on my pearls the orient is pretty obvious...
on alot of these SSP vendors... Im thrown off a bit at how large and uniformly colored the pearls are? Are they dyed? They are shiny, but I can't see any orient to the luster?
Is it common to dye SSPs pistachio/chocolate/black?


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I have a range of some natural bronze to brown Tahitians and a few with pistachio greenish colors in some of my mixed strands. They are not so common, though, and not consistent in color. I remember a few years back, dyed chocolate Tahitians were pretty popular. I saw several examples of these pearls and they were very consistent in color. I think seeing several Tahitians with consistent, unusual, colors such as chocolate or pistachio, would give me pause.
The golden, pistachio and bronze (choco) colored pearls look dyed/treated to me!
Stall owners at Green hills told me that both chocolate and pistachio are dyed. That only white and gold have natural colour.