Andrew's Photography & Pearls

To answer the question about the circular reflection -- yes, possible. Basically, in an ideal studio with a TON of space what I would really want is a lot of specular lights firing almost straight above - this would give hard points of light around in different spots on the pearl.

Since I don't have that amount of space, I tried the circular type parabolic as what I figured would be the best replica of it- unfortunately I was more cramped for space than I really wanted to be. Farther back, that reflector does just fine -- all the photos of Jaden on this thread were done with the same reflector, just farther away, and that shows up on the pearls more "normally."

Also, I knew PP doesn't own one of those parabolics (pretty sure), so thought I'd try something different. :D

Thank you for sharing more info - that’s really interesting insight!
So there's no pearls in this photo, but I was doing an actor-style headshot for my buddy Dawson, and I really got to wondering how the same super bright and high key lighting might look with a pearl-model, so I think something of this sort may be in store next...


(PS - this is wonderful business headshot lighting, so if any of you all are ever in my area needing a headshot... ;) )!
I'll take one Dawson, and that blue sparkly dress, please! Oh, and the pearls are damn fine, too.

Wonderful shots. Such a pleasure to view. Please keep them coming!!!
High key, bright lighting to come in a couple of weeks. For now, some more Ari and Rocio are coming up very shortly, but here's a teaser of Ari for now. Tonight, I practiced a new and different type of lighting setup - something I'd thought up of a week or so ago and just now tried. I think I like it... :)

EDIT: Oh, and the pearls are from Ari's own jewelry box.

Lovely! Are you converting girls to pearls?

Fortunately, Ari needs no conversion, ha! The strand she's wearing there was a gift from her fiancée and she has always been a pearl lover.

Jaden was not a pearl lover, but the more that she hangs around Tahitians, the more she's coming around...
Thanks, all! Here's Rocio again, this time with her violin as well.

Hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend.

I love this shot with the violin, Andrew. The lighting is great—both the pearls and Rocio look luminescent. Rocio's makeup is wonderful in this shot.
OOO, I love the shot with the violin. Love her dress, too.
Rocio has such beautiful skin tone for white pearls (and red lipstick and dress). What a lovely shot.
Pearls and violins do seem a happy combo. I played the violin for 10 years. Unhappily, though. I'll stick to pearls.

Beautiful pictures. Keep them coming!!!
Lol BAS. I've heard the violin is a difficult instrument to master. You've mastered pearls quite well. :D

Rocio is a classic beauty and this photo shows it well.
It has been quite awhile since I have posted any photos! I wanted to share with everyone some studio pearl photos.

First up, something I did as a level 10/10 photographic challenge to myself -- white on white is extremely difficult, but dark on black is even harder to make look good, but I managed to make a nice image with a Tahitian strand of my mothers' (not yet sent to Pattye for stringing).


And, a visit from an old pearl friend to the studio - the lovely gem akoya necklace sat in for a quick photo.

Oh boyo, it’s a double whammy to the heart today! Look at those, yummy!