Andrew's Photography & Pearls

Andrew M

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Oct 18, 2018
Hi all!

I thought this would be a fun thread. As I get the privilege to photograph jewelry, I also thought it would be cool to include some shots that I/my students have done. I help to teach a photography class at our local community college, so we always have models and portraiture going on.

My mom is always kind enough to lend us some jewelry for the photography class.

So to start this thread off, here is my good friend, Ari, wearing mom's Tahitian strand and 13mm studs. A very interesting thing I discovered as I was photographing mom's studs - they actually have an interesting brown overtone, and they look chocolate under studio lights.

Anyway, hope that you all enjoy some of the photography/models wearing pearls. I'll be posting more of my photos here throughout the semester. (Also, some cool shots I have for one of the awesome vendors here, but I can't share yet! But keep an eye out)

I'm looking forward to this thread. Thank you Andrew.
Oh, WOW, Andrew!! You have wonderful photography skills! Can't wait to see what's next!
Here's another image that may well be one printed by the end of the semester:

Ok, that second shot of Ari is stunning!!!! The colors of the necklace popped, too, yay!
The Tahitians go well with her beautiful eyes.
If this doesn't get Ari into pearls, I don't know what will...

The focus on her eyes, with the winking of the softened glorious pearls, is a beautiful composition. I look forward to following your thread!
Great start to what will be a great thread!
Thank you!
I agree. Her eyes are gorgeous. And smooth skin. I'm jealous.
So much fun going on with the photos, Andrew! There's a pleasant tension in these photos with the red vs greens, and repetition of not only eye/pearl color, but the shapes, too, round iris echos the round pearls, or is it the reverse? Ari is lovely! Always a treat to see your Mother's gorgeous strand again!
Thanks all! No phone photos here, lol. But, I'll be posting more as the semester progresses and also I have a few fun things to share about photographing pearls, themselves -- just need to get to writing that.
Here's a photo of Mom's strand by itself that I snuck in the studio setup for a different project, which I will hopefully be able to share soon.

In the mean time, enjoy this lovely strand all by itself once more and check out the sharp luster on these! - Fun fact I noticed, Mom's big Gem quality Tahitian studs (the 13mm ones) have a chocolate/brown overtone under the studio lights.

Fun stuff!