An unbiased account of my week at Kamoka

Hi Sheri
Your photo essay is super! Thanks for sharing this on the forum. It will be a very popular thread for years to come. Deserving of one of the rare Pearlitzer Prize nominations for the South Sea category. (The reason these nominations are rarely given is we have no actual Pearlitzer Prizes) so I will add 5 stars in the rating above.
Sheri, this is amazing! What a story! This is indeed a life experience!
Thank you for sharing! And photos - very well done!

Your photo essay is super! ... Deserving of one of the rare Pearlitzer Prize nominations for the South Sea category.

Hear hear!!!


Many thanks for going on vacation and for sharing it with us!!! Also, thanks to Josh and his Kamoka family for providing a dream place for us all.

I am still sore from having shoveled snow for four hour two days ago, so that giant clam basking in the shallow, clear ocean looked especially beautiful. Wow!

Great photos, great words, great post. A superb testament to Sheri's work ethic. Sheri you really impressed the Kamoka crew with your perma-grin and total lack of hesitation to get dirty. RESPECT. See you next year!
Wow Sheri!

It sounds like a magical week!! Thanks so much for sharing your pictures and experiences with us!!

I do love the toothy Moray eel, him and the tiger cowrie shell!!
Thanks to you ALL for your kind words - I'm so glad to have such an appreciative audience to share my experience with!

Thank you for sharing your experience and pictures. I am green with envy. It's so beautiful there. I love the railing of your bungalow with the coral as part of the decoration. It's a nice way of using the island's plentiful resources.

I am not sure how Crocs hold up to slippery surface. Personally, I don't think mine has much of gripping capability. You may want to look into Keen next time. They have the Venice and Venice H2 models that cover the toes. They don't look attractive but are very nice for the beach, and not-so-strenous hikes when you want airflow and toe coverage.

I look forward to seeing the octopus tattoo.
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What kind of camera did you use for the under water shots? Just wondering, what kind of housing you used? Thanks.
Now, what I know you've all been waiting for - here are some of Josh's treasures (and no, alas, they did not all come home with me...)

Lovely write up and photos, love the pearls, and Josh is a dish too, assuming that's him with the monkey in the last pic :D

That's interesting. There is a "Hanalei Surf Company" sticker on the plywood cover where the grafters work.
Excellent story and photos-- a mini vacation for the reader! Thanks for sharing. :)
What kind of camera did you use for the under water shots? Just wondering, what kind of housing you used? Thanks.

I use a Nikon Coolpix with a Fantasea housing for my underwater shots.

You can see lots of other underwater shots I've taken with the same camera in the galleries on my profile page. I've been very happy with the results, though you do have to get close to the subject to get the true colors with the flash (within 3 feet or so), when you don't have a lot of natural light. It's not worth using a zoom underwater - better to shoot in high resolution and crop when printing.

Hi Sheri,

Finally got a moment to look again at the photos, fabulous!, and read all about your wonderful adventures! I have been preoccupied with Bazaars, and time to barely glance at P-G in the last week and a half. Adding my thanks for taking time to write in great detail, and allowing us to share your fun!
Sheri, I keep coming back for a second (third, fourth) read through and another gaze at the photos. I love your little blue bungalow! And the story, and commentary are just wonderful. Thankyou for taking the time... but I always pictured you as graceful as well as tall....
She's more graceful than she gives herself credit for, that's for sure. The assault on the vodka bottle did not however, make her more graceful.:p

sounds like it was a fun visit all round... I wish my French was a little better!
Hi Sheri,
I've been up to my eyeballs:p with catering and popped in to see what's been happening in the land of pearls. WOW, your thread is fantastic and lifted my bone weary self. Thank you for sharing.
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