An unbiased account of my week at Kamoka

Hi Sheri,
I just got back from two weeks of business trips and was thrilled to see your post. What a fascinating trip. It does sound like hard work but that you were trooper through it all. Seeing that last post of pearls was truly spectacular - thems some big ones!

Sheri, thank you SO much for letting me experience the trip through your story and photos. It is a very nice escape from the driving snow I see out my window! And I am also looking forward to seeing the tattoo - what a wonderful memento.

Posted a photo on the "Heart of the Lagoon" thread, but thought I should post here, too, just to complete the story...

My octopus tattoo -

Even my husband, who doesn't like tattoos, agrees that it's a wonderful souvenir of my adventure!



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This deserves another scan. Reading it was more fun than you can imagine! Vicarious fun and none of the mosquitos.
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Thanks for the bump, lisa c! I had fun re-reading it...brought it all back....hard to believe it's been almost three years. I have done a lot of traveling before and since, and this is still one of my most memorable trips. The tattoo has held up nicely, too.

Hi Sheri, I sure had fun reading it - what was the black critter in post #4 with 5 long spiny waving things that looked like an octupus? It was on your wrist, a real live critter.
Lisa, that was a brittle star. It's an echinoderm that is closely related to sea urchins. They flail about when you pick them up but you have to be gentle because they are called brittle stars for a good reason.
Do they tickle or sting?

aaaaand after re-reading again I'm hooting as I think of a bottle of vodka and the railing around the blue cottage!!! Chortle - Visual cues at war with equilibrium, and that's after she gets over the bridge????
Those little bugger tickle. Their only self defense is to creep you out with the flailing of their arms. Come to think of it that's probably all the weapons they need for lot's of folks.
Luckily Sheri was already on land (and safe from the bridge) when King Kong did the tattoo and Sheri did the Vodka bottle, LOL. Sheri where are you anyway?