Advice about buying pearls online


Feb 24, 2020
Hello, I am a new user here. I would like some advice about buying pearls online.

I know my girlfriend likes Monarchy and the trademark triple strand pearl necklace of queen Elisabeth. I would like to buy her a necklace in the same style, but I am very worried about buying online.

I would like some advice about a safe place to buy a necklace like this. Thank you for any help!
If Norway has as little pearls as Sweden you could probably get better pearls for less money if you try some of the vendors most of us use. I find that the pearls I can find in Swedish jewelry shops are overpriced and of poor quality. Usually I buy my pearls from Wendy at Pearlescence (in UK) or from Cees at Amsterdampearls (he is in Bangkok and in Holland). You could ask them to find exactly what you wish to purchase and they try to find it (and most often they do find it). If you want to purchase from outside europe there is always Pearl Paradise. They have excellent customer service. And then there is etsy, I have purchased pearls from both Oceanscove and Oceanrhyme. I have probably forgotten many great webshops and vendors, hopefully someone else will complete the list. Best of luck. I bought my triple akoya strand in an online antique store, but sadly that one retired. If you want something vintage it's possible to find that also even if I cannot remember any store right now (it's been years since I bought vintage akoyas)
Thank you Charlotta!

I have been looking a little here in Norway, and I could not find anything. I really liked the US web shops you mentioned, so easy to use with filters for number of strands, pearl color etc!
I am Danish and would never buy pearls in Denmark. Even with the added VAT and fees, buying overseas is better for me. I haven't put in special orders with Wendy or Cees but plenty here have and received excellent service and pearls. Cees has an instagram account and Wendy (Pearlescence) is on FB (not sure about Instagram there). You can follow some of their finds :)
Here's a fun look at some of Queen Elizabeth's triple strand necklaces with their history.

You might want to consider purchasing good quality freshwater pearls and it might need to be a custom order from any of the sellers mentioned. Freshwater pearls will be substantially less expensive than good quality Akoya pearls of the same size.