Pearls, stones or glass stringing or knotting differently?

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Feb 11, 2024
Knotting Pearls or stones or glass: Is it really that different? I am self taught (with a little of Grandma's help and advice) I have strung many vintage necklaces and pearls. Some knotting (but I usually do it once or twice a year, so I am out of practice) but I usually have had mostly pearls or mostly beads. I would like to try a 50/50 mix of either Jet or Sodalite with pearls. Not sure why I am so nervous about it. I just don't want to knot all these then have it break. I always thought the knot was so you only lotst 1-2 pearls not the whole string, never realized it protected the pearls! Is it so different or am I just overthinking? What are the considerations that I am NOT thinking about? Shout out to pattye for sending lovely thread!
They're all beads. They knot the same. The only problem I've run into is sometimes stone beads or glass beads have sharp edges that cut the thread eventually, and the necklace breaks. But sometimes they don't. I've never had pearls cut thread.
Stone beads can have sharp edges near the drill hole that can cut through the thread. If you decide to use thread anyway, check your necklace regularly to be sure the thread is still ok.

Copying and pasting from posts I've made before about this topic:

I like to string beads and bead/pearl combinations with 49 ply Beadalon-- it's both strong and flexible. If that is overkill for the size of your beads/pearls, they sell beading wire that has a smaller gauge and fewer ply. The thinnest I've used is called Soft Touch.

To connect the wire to the clasp, I like to use screw type crimps. There is a tiny screw along the side of the crimp. You loosen it, pass the wire through the main hole of the crimp same as through any other bead, then through the clasp, then double back through the crimp. Then you tighten the side screw with the tiny screwdriver they sell (it's the size of an eyeglass frame repair screwdriver) to secure the 2 wires. For extra security you can add a drop of Hypo Cement (glue) before tightening the screw. These crimps also come in several colors.
• Screw-Tite Crimp beads:
• Scrimps (made by Beadalon): on Amazon:,aps,82&ref=nb_sb_noss
I saw that...yet, I get vintage beaded necklaces that are 30-70 years old on string that is unbroken. Wonder if the knotting is abraded by the glass /stone beads and they break because there is a knot there? If so, I wonder if I could use a seed bead on either side of the stone and knots around the pearls?
That could do it. There are also silicone "bead bumpers" (Beadalon brand, on their website but also on Amazon, or "bead huggers" on that are either cubes or lentil-shaped and come in 2 sizes and different colors-- white (clear), gray, gold, black. Depending on how large the stone beads are they may look okay or may look oversized next to them. You'd have to see.