How NOT to Buy Pearls: Great Video for Prospective Pearl Shoppers

How NOT to Buy Pearls: The #1 Mistake Shoppers Make​

This is a great find! You know: Everyone - especially for those new to pearl shopping - could use expert this advice in how best to knowledgably shop for pearls. And we usually have these articles or videos about "How to Shop for Pearls" and they are good! But this one ... this one is simply better because NOW we have just the opposite approach: How NOT to Buy Pearls and the biggest mistake pearl shoppers typically make. :geek:

I recommend this video - made by "Jewels of the Trade" - to ALL: even experts can learn quite a bit! And we all know that we have one of Pearldom's finest Pearl Experts here on the forum @jshepherd, and now we get to see and hear what he has to say about not only shopping for pearls, but also differentiating natural colors from dyed. He also tells the real story behind those online pearl harvesting videos!

Hope you enjoy the video and learn a ton!

Link to Video on YouTube: How NOT to Buy Pearls