35" or 54"?

Oh, BritM, I saw that bubble rope come up today; it looks lovely ... congratulations!
Brit wow I think you made a wonderful choice because even I was tempted to get that strand. Just a thought if the 54 ending up being a tad long you can always send it back to PP to remove enough to make a bracelet or two for you :)

Enjoy your new beauty and post lots of pictures after it arrives.
OOOO, glad you bought the bubble rope. I confess, my finger twitched on the "buy now" button when I saw that one pop up. It's similar to Kojima's mermaid ropes that several of you have bought recently, too. I'm trying to hold out until Ruckus. 3 more weeks. GAHHHH!
I hit "Put in Cart" (or whatever the button reads) before I could even think of much of anything other than "Must get before someone else can push the button faster!" Looks like I'm even luckier than I'd realized, and believe me, I knew I was lucky and sighed with relief once I had confirmation the sale went through. I'm really excited.

Good idea about the bracelet. I'm normally not much of a bracelet wearer, I only have a couple and none are pearls; however, I really like the ones I do have, and like having that option if the 54" ends up being too long.

BWeaves, stay strong.
In my experience of 40+ years of selling pearls the solution to this is to have three necks 18 24 and 32 inches or some combination
of length you like attached with the same spring ring (small) and you can wear all hooked together or singly or just two or any combination.
Keep the spring ring small and it can't be seen if that is your goal. One long all tied together gets cumbersome and can wear out the thread sooner with all the wrapping and playing needed. With any number of matching strands, for example, 18", 20", 22" etc your options are expanded.
Norm pearl-man
I hope it’s ok to resurrect a thread. The older threads here are full of such great information!

I was originally thinking I wanted an 18” strand of akoyas, but now I’m not so sure. What would be a good length for someone over 50, 5’3”, and who wears a lot of flannel or tee shirts and sometimes a sweater and skirt?
I personally like 26". It can't be doubled, of course, so that is too short if you want to be able to double.
With 26” strands is freshwater more typical? Or is it available in akoya? Search functions only show 26” in freshwater (at least at PP).
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Sorry to be unclear--I knotted up my own 26" strand. If you wanted a vendor to make one up I suppose it would be a custom strand.
I like the way that length looks on me, and the fact that it doesn't swing around as much as a longer strand does.
This will depend on how you like to wear your pearls.

An 18" strand will lay close to your neck. Will it work with your collars and T shirt necklines? Or will it get hung up or hide. Also, you won't be able to see the pearls unless you look in a mirror.

A 35" strand will come down to your waist. You will be able to see it an play with it. You can also put it outside a collared shirt easily. And you can double it for an 18" look.

A 54" strand will come down to your crotch. Very 1920's flapper style. It's also very easy to double because you don't have to undo the clasp to double it. Doubled, you can still see the pearls because they'll hang down on top of your breasts, so about 24-26 inch length. Plus you can play with the doubled bits at different lengths. You can also triple it for a choker.

I have all three lengths and love them all. I wear them with jeans and T-shirts, or collared shirts, or sweaters and dresses.

Are you beginning to feel like just one perfect necklace length is only a dream? And that only a wardrobe of varying lengths is almost a necessity, lol?

It will not be too difficult to find the kind of pearls you want from the trusted sources you are exposed to here on P-G and have the necklace custom knotted to your preferred length. Chain extenders or toggle clasps can allow a few inches of variation. Are you gaining clarity on your choice?
Pattye, oh yes! I keep putting on different lengths of “pearls” (the plastic kind that even have seams 😂) and asking my husband and daughter which length looks best. They seem to like 22”.

I’d love an akoya hanadama set in 22” but might need to get that as a custom. Or.... an 18” in hanadama and a 22” in freshwater. I had hoped for top of the line in all pearls I plan on getting but am now considering AAA in order to make them more affordable.

And a Tahitian pendant and a WSSP pendant and.....

Clarity? I’m not too sure about that. Haha! I think I’ll start with what I really know I want (WSS pendant and an akoya necklace).

Chain extenders sound interesting....

As you can see, I am still in the flailing beginner stage. 😉 Thanks for inquiring.
.... so...... I guess my big decision is 22” of hanadama akoya round or AAA akoya round. I think the price difference would be substantial. Hmmm....
You could also get an 18" hanadama necklace and an extender made of less expensive pearls. You just have to have the same kind of clasp so they interconnect. You could even learn to knot, buy some loose pearls and clasp, and make the extender yourself. :) I like using extenders sometimes.
I like the idea of an 18” hanadama with an extender.

Does anyone have pictures of one and of how they look in use?
To follow up on Pearl Dream's suggestion, here's an example of pearls (not for sale) with the popular linkable "orbit clasps." (They come in 14k white or yellow, or sterling silver.) You can imagine a piece that measures 4 inches total ( 18 to 22 inches) instead of 7 inches like the bracelet shown, very easy to add into the necklace.

Thank you everyone! I had been wondering what an orbit clasp was. This is a fantastic idea!