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  • Aloha waimeamomi,
    I love your album. Your daughters are lovely. The graduation and May Day pictures brought me back to Hawaii. The opal necklace with Tahitian is very interesting. I love seeing your work.
    Itʻt the Big Island of Hawaii taken from above the Earth. Where I live. I just got reading contacts, and Iʻm still putting on my reading glasses when Iʻm working with on my pieces. I strung some little diamond beads that were like stringing fleas!
    What is your avatar? I can't see it well enough to tell. I guess I need reading glasses! ;)
    No, Hilo is a little far for me. I tried to get into the Waimea farmerʻs market, but they donʻt want more crafters. There may be a second market starting in Sept. and if so, I will have a booth there. I looovee Hanalei! My favorite place in Hawaii, I think, just no jobs for me. I hope you donʻt think I cockroached your call name, I went with momi because it means pearl in Hawaiian (you probably know that!) Aloha
    Welcome, Waimeamomi.

    I've been to Hilo and Maku'u Farmer's Markets. Just out of curiousity, do you have a booth at the farmer's market? Lots of craft booths in Hilo.
    Ordering findings is a hassle to me too. I wind up using several companies and trying to compare, and I'm not sure if the time it takes means I save any money. If you are not buying carat gold findings, Fire Mountain Gems seems to work well since they have a large variety of everything, and they discount according to total number of items in you order. I use Rio Grande a lot as well. I have accounts at a couple of places that require tax licenses, and I still have one more to se up, but with the price of gold today - I'm chilling out in that arena for a while! Again, let me know if you have questions about anything - I'm always happy to help!
    Hi, yes I emailed you back. I might be able to give you a deposit of $100,00 to $150.00 this week. Would that be enough to hold them until I can save up the rest? let me know, ok? Cats
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