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Show Us Your Pearls In Action!!!

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  • Thank you, Charlotta, Eolian and Douglas!

    eolian pearls Your lariat is gorgeous and looks lovely with the earrings; I really like the asymmetric drop look! Those pearls have some serious luster


    • Love the lariat, and I really love mismatched earrings.


      • Thank you SurfnSci, Douglas and BWeaves! I do love this lariat, now I think I need one in silver too...
        These are gardening days for me, and yes, I do have my angel wing pendant on while weeding...Click image for larger version

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        • Wow. Gardening & Pearls
          You are definitively not up in the Northern Hemisphere...overcast skies, colder weather approaching.
          Douglas McLaurin-Moreno
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          Your Life evolves in the same way a Pearl grows: with continuous layers of experiences/nacre that add to the Story of your Life on Earth and make you Unique and Beautiful.
          Douglas McLaurin-Moreno


          • Oh I am actually in the Northern Hemisphere and the weather is getting colder everyday but luckily we do get a few hours of really warm sun and blue sky before the rainstorms hit us...that’s used for gardening in pearls


            • eolian pearls Lovely angel wing pendant! I also think you deserve an accolade for most action-y pearls in action (swimming, kayaking, gardening)

              SoC ring that happily ended my time on Ban Island, lol.
              Click image for larger version

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              • So many beautiful pearls from everyone! SurfnSci your pieces are always so dainty and feminine. I love your silvery white T strand and your beautiful rings.

                it’s lovely to see how everyone has a different preference and a unique approach to wearing pearls.


                • A happy thing to catch up with all the pearls! So pretty with added ease of wearing for all your activities, eolian! SurfnSci, what a treat to end your ban!

                  We’ve been away on a seashell adventure on Sanibel Island. Bunny and Traveling Pearl loved digging through the wash up on our early morning walk.
                  Click image for larger version

Name:	A6FDA48B-B493-4372-8862-0727FED7BCC2.jpeg
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                  Do you see the alligator?? We did!!!
                  Click image for larger version

Name:	1EA5633F-0714-455A-BA70-7AE853AF7041.jpeg
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                  Sand creatures are much more friendly!
                  Click image for larger version

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                  • And now we’re back home, in our pearls... feather pearl mixed necklaces from Kojima with pine cone charm earrings I’ve had for a long time.
                    Click image for larger version

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                    • echo Thank you so much! I agree, I get so much inspiration from this thread on how to style and design pearly pieces!
                      jeg I'm jealous Bunny got to sift through all of those shells.. .though I could definitely do without the alligator sightings, even of the sand variety, haha. Your Kojima mixed pearl necklaces are really lovely! And those tiny pinecones are so cute.


                      • Aw, welcome home Travel Pearl Bunny & Jeg. You were missed; glad you had a great time digging for shells and avoiding alligators - yikes! Love the feather pearl/pine cone mix ... so so pretty and unusual



                        • Thank you, SurfnSci and Cathy!

                          Sorting through all my Sanibel seashells from this trip, and previous trips, to make some earring matches. Wearing a pair of scallops with a metallic Freshadama strand from PP.
                          Click image for larger version

Name:	BC4319BD-B49E-4CD5-9127-31AB0AAB16CB.jpeg
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                          • CortezPearls
                            CortezPearls commented
                            Editing a comment
                            These Freshadamas are very attractive...and they go really well with the scallop earrings

                        • I have had a couple pairs of Akoya studs from Takahashi Pearl for a while. I especially love the silvery pair they call grey. They look like ice on my ears. I asked if they might be able to put together a bigger pair in the grey, and they looked through a few lots in order to put together this pair of 9.5-10mm. They are really beautiful, with beautiful luster IRL. Worn with a Tahitian keshi strand from Cees, and a bracelet I made with Tahitian keshi from dear CathyKeshi.
                          Click image for larger version

Name:	DA462E59-D5F1-4E49-81C2-38EF666574C2.jpeg
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                          • What a wonderful trip you had Jeg! I have never seen anything like that beach full of shells! Cant wait to see your creations with these! ;-) And your pearls are amazing as always of course! The keshis, the new akoyas (!), the freshadamas and those little pine cones! All so lovely!

                            SurfnSci your new dreamy SoC ring is so worthy a trip off the ban island!!! You have such a nice SoC collection, I agree with echo, all your pieces are so soft and feminine! And thank you for your kind words as to my “in action” shots :-) I take the “pearls are always appropriate” rule truly to heart ;-)

                            I took out my light peacock pendant out to play today, it used to be one of my most worn pieces and was feeling a bit neglected now...Click image for larger version

Name:	41ADD0D5-6A00-4BB8-A8BB-DA6ACFA10136.jpeg
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                            • Thank you, eolian! I’ve always liked that motto, and yes, always appropriate! From pendants to strands to layers, always appropriate in every form. Your pendant is perfect!

                              A Tahitian pendant from Hawaii, on a Tahitian keshi pearl chain I put together. Worn with Tahitian studs from Kojima I bought right off Sarah’s ears! The luster and color were absolutely dancing in the sunshine. I could not resist.
                              Click image for larger version

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