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Show Us Your Pearls In Action!!!

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  • jeg Thank you! Great bubble pics, and that photobombing osprey is too cool! Your Kojima pendant is lovely but wow, the GSS strand you made is fantastic... Hmm, now I feel inspired to wear something golden tomorrow.

    Does anyone else pick their outfits based entirely on the pearls that they want to wear?


    • Thanks so much Cathy and SurfnSci! SurfnSci, I remember having this discussion before but I can’t remember where. Either at one of the Ruckus’ or somewhere here on PG? I DO remember that I was the only one who chose my clothes first, then pearls. Looking forward to seeing which goldens you choose!

      Freshwater pendant from Kojima, coppery/pinky/green metallic strand from PacificPearls.US, with earrings I made. I wear this strand of pearls all the time because the chameleon pearls work with any of my clothes.
      Click image for larger version

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      • Beautiful pearls and outfits jeg. Your golden south sea strand is spectacular. I made a circled golden south sea strand out of little ministrands that I do love enough not to remake it....I do only select my sweaters/tops first when wearing golden south sea pearls. It's not like a try really hard though...jeans and t-shirt and sweater on unless it's summer, than I don't add a sweater...comfort always wins...


        • Thanks Charlotta! Glad to hear another of your strands has survived the cut. Sometimes it’s just nice to have a solid color strand.

          Little h earrings with a strand of green Tahitians from one of my visits to the PP vault.
          Click image for larger version

Name:	F6DF7EEC-0FCE-4563-98EC-6DDE07EB0635.jpeg
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          • OMG, those green Tahitians are stunning, JEG.


            • Such a beautiful green strand and those earrings, so pretty jeg. I love green pearls, especially those that are mostly green or blue green without any pink in them. Well those are hard to find. But I do have two mixed green strands that I love. They aren't all green but close. You are of course right about the solid colored strands. And I have some in my jewelry box that I woun't touch. That would be my blue tahitian strand from Pearlescence, the white south sea strand and the gold south sea strand from Cees. Then of course my rainbow strand from Pearlescence and my ombre tahitian rope from Cees are sacred and cannot be remade. I do have lots of other pearls to play with...


              • So many beautiful looks this week Jeg!!! I love how you completely change the color scheme from day to day and you always look perfect! Your Pacific Pearls strand is my favorite FWP necklace ever! And those shell earrings are too cute!!!! The goldens and those green Ts...Stunning!

                I had a busy week, I finally received the last pearls for my ombre necklace and was playing with them for some time. The dark pearls part was just too long as I chose these pearls because I wanted a darker necklace and at the end I abbandoned my long ombre idea and ended up with two new necklaces! The Jumbleberry and The Bliss ;-)

                I wanted to try a shorter look with the Jumbleberry and I just strung the pearls on 49Beadalon, fingers crossed it will hold.
                The Bliss is a happy necklace inspired by Charlotta’s creations, I wish I had two apple green pearls and it would be perfect but I had the two circled pearls that will do for now. Do not look too closely at my knotting here, it is a temp strand I will remake it next week with more time...In any case now I have two necklaces instead of one, definitely a win-win;-) Wishing everyone a wonderful weekend!Click image for larger version  Name:	8785CD78-E4BA-4ABB-9E6C-D3E2193E1F0D.jpeg Views:	0 Size:	346.4 KB ID:	458395
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                • jeg Oh my gosh, those little h earrings!!!! Amazing color and design. Your matching PP tahitian strand is also gorgeous; I think deep-green tahitians will always be my favorite color.

                  eolian pearls I really like the shorter Jumbleberry, and I like that you decided to make two necklaces - your new Bliss strand looks fantastic, with such lovely colors!!!
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                  • Your new strands are just perfect and Bliss has the most gorgeous ombre eolian pearls. I also always has green pearl shortage...


                    • Eolian Pearls. WOWZA! Your first photo made my jaw drop. They glow on you. And then I just kept scrolling. Wow. Gorgeous.


                      • Eolian, your new edition strands look stunning ... very beautiful!

                        Jeg, those greens just GLOW! Very lovely



                        • jeg such a beautiful coppery pink strand! And that strand of green T! Your pearls constantly remind me of how amazing natures creations are

                          eolian pearls the bliss strand is absolutely beautiful! Such a great balance of colours. The pastel pearls really lighten things up! Looking so delightful with the blue sky and sunshine


                          • Thank you so much for your kind words everyone! I am really happy with these two, the Bliss has truly brightened my Sunday as we are back to dreadful weather here...


                            • Thanks so much, BWeaves, Charlotta, eolian, SurfnSci, CathyKeshi, and echo! The green Tahitian strand was from my very first visit to the PP vault, and the little h earrings are from my most recent visit. I have always loved greens and teals in Tahitians, but really I love every color of Tahitians.

                              Eolian, ohhhh, I think your newest strands are my new favorites in your collection! I just love how you have arranged the pearls so the colors softly flow across the strands. Beautiful!

                              These are very early freshwater pearls that I have taken apart and restrung a few times over the years. I still rarely wear them...
                              Getting one of those error notifications and can’t upload the pic of the pearls, sorry, I don’t want to do retakes. There are three strands in total.
                              Click image for larger version

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                              • JEG: Your freshwater ropes are lovely, but I can kinda see why you rarely wear them. I tend to see you more in darker, more colorful pearls.