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Show Us Your Pearls In Action!!!

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  • Beeeeyoootiful, you guys!
    whats a baggins strand?


    • So many amazing pearls over the past few days - I don't even know where to start

      jeg your baggins strand is not only beautiful but really versatile! I looks great paired with your akoya keshi strand/bracelet and that Kojima tahitian pendant. And I really love your little h double pendant. I'm also loving your "casual" outfit from yesterday!

      eolian pearls Cenerina She is a lovely model for your colorful tahitian bracelets! I agree with Charlotta that the sideways keshi is really cool and adds personality to the piece.

      Lilpearl Wowza, those are really gorgeous glowing goldens! They look fantastic on you!


      • Thank you Charlotta, Jeg and SurfnSci!

        I am very fond of that sideways keshi, it was on a baroque T strand I bought on Rakuten in my first year of pearl collecting, half of those pearls were very “blah” unfortunately but the other half was pretty and is now a part of my different bracelets and earrings...

        SurfnSci you mentioning the Pearlescence keshi strand led me astray...I went just to have a look at it ( it is gorgeous you definitely should get it;-) and ended up with a new pendant.... So I made a picture of my bracelets and pendants today in an effort to “shop in my jewelry box”...

        jeg Love love your Baggins strand!

        Lilpearl WOW your golden are incredible!!! Do tell us more about them please! Are they from Cees? How big are they?Golden and Diamond Christmas for you indeed!
        Click image for larger version

Name:	C15FAB02-72F8-4336-ABF2-BF2DCA2B108E.jpeg
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        • Oh, see, aren’t these all lovely? !


          • You have some beautiful pendants and bracelets eolian pearls. I mostly buy studs even though I have lost count of how many I have...yesterday I recieved a pair of 10,1mm deep pink edison studs from Pearlescence. They are gorgeous and I didn't have any studs in that color before.


            • eolian pearls what a lovely kitty! And beautiful pearls of course. Really enjoy looking at your pearl collection . Please share photos of your new acquisitions

              SurfnSci soft and beautiful ombré strand. Love the colour coordination

              jeg absolutely love that multicoloured Vietnamese akoya strand! Such incredible colours! The matching T pendant almost got identical colour. What a rare colour for T. And that little h pendant is just amazing

              Lilpearl what a gorgeous GSS set! Perfect skin and lustre


              • Some of my colorful bracelets. My two Hearts Delight bracelets
                Click image for larger version

Name:	_20211120_150558.JPG
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ID:	458239 And my Forest Mist, Changing leaves and Oceans Mist bracelets
                Click image for larger version

Name:	_20211120_150425.JPG
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ID:	458240 Not all that sharp...


                • Thank you Charlotta and echo! I will surely post my new pendant pictures, no worries echo, will just have to be patient as it will arrive with my friend from the UK...next year...

                  Charlotta I LOVE your colorful bracelets!!! Heart’s delights are especially enchanting to me

                  We had another lovely day here and I enjoyed it with my bubble bracelet on the beach.Click image for larger version

Name:	0E247127-04CE-4E61-89EA-D591BAE66EE1.jpeg
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                  • eolian pearls Wow, your pendants and bracelets - You have such a lovely collection! I especially love seeing your fantastic SoC mabe pendant - it's one of my favorites Your bubble bracelet looks so very pretty in the sunlight!​

                    Charlotta2.0 I love the wrist pics of your beautiful bracelets! Amazing colors and as always, such creativity in your design.

                    All week I've been wearing this 8 mm WSS pearl from Pearlescence (I used it to replace the pendant's original well-worn akoya). I believe Wendy had written in the description that she helped to harvest the pearl at an Indonesian pearl farm, and I am excited to display her efforts! I'm sad my pictures don't really do it justice; there are pink and blue and green and gold overtones depending on the light.

                    Click image for larger version

Name:	20211121_122645.jpg
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ID:	458260 Click image for larger version

Name:	20211121_172918.jpg
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                    • Thank you eolian pearls and SurfnSci.
                      You have better weather than me eolian pearls, it was cold today and took 10 minuters to get the ice off the car windows. Beautiful bracelet.
                      Such a pretty pendant SurfnSci. My deep golden south sea enhancer must have been harvested at the same time as your pearl.


                      • Charlotta2.0 Thank you! Oh wow, your deep GSS enhancer is incredible, and one of my favorites of your collection - even more so since Wendy helped harvest it She has a green/gold SS listed that she also harvested. I'm so tempted to buy it but I'm still dragging my toes off Ban Island.


                        • SurfnSci, I am happy that I did buy that enhancer, it's much prettier than what I first expected. I knew it was nice, but not that it was that good. It's like when I bought my blue tahitian studs, the ones in my avatar, I couldn't believe my eyes. They were so pretty.


                          • Cold in Pittsburgh too. All of your colorful pearls are such a treat, uplifting!


                            • Thanks everyone! Eolian, what a fun pic with all your treasures! And lovely inspired colors in your bracelets, eolian and Charlotta. SurfnSci, I can see the colors running around that SS! Gorgeous pearl, and it will be more durable than the Akoya you needed to replace. Lisa, Baggins Pearls is based in California, although I bought this newest strand while in Hawaii. The owner/founder is the new president of CPAA.

                              I met some friends for lunch at our new waterfront center. There is a restaurant that has very casual dining, but sitting by the giant wall of windows really sports quite a view. While we listened to piano music inside, through the windows we watched the ferries come and go, and a bubble blower on the beach. I was snapping pics of the bubbles, and I didn’t look closely at the bird flying by, but I think it was a photobombing osprey.
                              Click image for larger version

Name:	07A44429-C2BD-466D-B23E-7BDDA545F049.jpeg
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Name:	08AB09B4-884F-41BC-ADF0-479D2DD94778.jpeg
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ID:	458284 Golden SS strand I put together, with a big SS pendant from Kojima.
                              Click image for larger version

Name:	FAB6D843-23BD-4611-86F4-49AF07676EE5.jpeg
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ID:	458287 Click image for larger version

Name:	4BA0D153-4999-45C3-9704-62A396EDA24F.jpeg
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                              • That's a very fun and cozy fashion look, Jeg ... complimented by those lovely pearls. Oh, how I love Washington ferries